Florida Grandma In A Bikini Totals BMW, Gets A DUI With 10-Year-Old Grandson Riding Shotgun

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Patricia Ebel, a 49-year-old from Naples, Florida, racked up a DUI charge after she slammed her BMW into the rear of another car stopped at a red light while on the way home from a day of drinking at a local pool.

bruce irvin

Bruce Irvin Joked About Getting A DUI For April Fools’ Day, It Didn’t Go Well


Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin got in on the April Fools Day fun this morning.


Woman With ‘Live And Learn’ Tramp Stamp In Jail After Causing Serious Crash And Getting Hit With Sixth DUI


Ye olde 'Practice What You Preach' proverb is one of the most widely used pieces of advice in the world, but it seems one woman in Florida with a 'Live And Learn' tramp stamp didn't heed her own advice, and ended up causing a major accident that landed her in jail with her fourth (known) DUI charge.

jasmine tridevil

Jasmine Tridevil, AKA The Woman With Three Boobs, Continues To Make Great Life Decisions


Remember Jasmine Tridevil, the woman who claimed to have plastic surgery to install a third breast on her body a la Total Recall, but was pretty much outed as a fraud.

dumb crime

You Need To Read This Guy’s BRILLIANT Excuse To Why His Breath Smelled Of Booze In Case You Get Pulled Over For A DUI


Before we begin, I'd like to give everyone a quick vocabulary lesson on the word "sarcasm": Got it down.

jim irsay

Jim Irsay Looks Like a Zombie Walker In New Video Of His DUI Arrest


  Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay recently served a six-week suspension from the NFL in the aftermath of a March arrest for driving while intoxicated.

hot judge

Is this the hottest court judge in America?


  The court, and my boner, are in session.

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