hot judge

Is this the hottest court judge in America?


  The court, and my boner, are in session.


This Drunk Driver Is Not Very Good at Drunk Driving


Don't think they needed a field sobriety test for this one.


Bro Gets Pulled Over For DUI, Gives One Hell of a Field Sobriety Test Performance


Dancing, story-telling, motor-boating; this drunk bro gives two officers a field sobriety test to remember.

what happens when you get a dui

Here’s why you shouldn’t get a DUI this weekend


With tonight's New Years Eve celebrations and tomorrow's New Years Day bowl parties, we at Guyism want to remind you not to drink and drive.

riley sheahan

Detroit Red Wings Prospect Riley Sheahan Got Arrested for Drunk Driving While Dressed As a Teletubby


When I was home over Thanksgiving break, my parents – NOT avid BroBible readers – started talking my ear off about a hockey player getting a DUI.

weird news

How to get a DUI on a bulldozer


A Georgia man's attempt to stay out of jail may fall flat, as he faces his second arrest for driving under the influence -- this time, on a bulldozer.


Video of major drunk driving collision and arrest


People who drive drunk are the scum of the Earth.

state troopers

Former State Trooper Is the Spokesman for a Product Designed to Beat Breathalyzer Tests


To be clear, the Breathalyzer Equalizer claims to take away the error in breathalyzer tests -- known as residual mouth alcohol -- and that it's "for sober drivers only.

university of iowa

University of Iowa Student Arrested for DUI in Smart Car, Claims He Was Fighting Al-Qaida


A University of Iowa student took his Smart Car out as a weapon and he used it to defend America—or so he thought this weekend.

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