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This Drunk Driver Is Not Very Good at Drunk Driving

Don't think they needed a field sobriety test for this one.

Man Gets DUI in Joker Facepaint, Mugshot Says It All

Getting a DUI sucks. I know, I've been there. 

Bro Gets Pulled Over For DUI, Gives One Hell of a Field Sobriety Test Performance

Dancing, story-telling, motor-boating; this drunk bro gives two officers a field sobriety test to remember. He seemed like a good dude. Stupid as the day

Detroit Red Wings Prospect Riley Sheahan Got Arrested for Drunk Driving While Dressed As a Teletubby

When I was home over Thanksgiving break, my parents – NOT avid BroBible readers – started talking my ear off about a hockey player getting

Former State Trooper Is the Spokesman for a Product Designed to Beat Breathalyzer Tests

To be clear, the Breathalyzer Equalizer claims to take away the error in breathalyzer tests -- known as residual mouth alcohol -- and that it's

University of Iowa Student Arrested for DUI in Smart Car, Claims He Was Fighting Al-Qaida

A University of Iowa student took his Smart Car out as a weapon and he used it to defend America—or so he thought this weekend.

Drunk Woman Drives Car Into Sand Trap, Naturally Blames Her GPS

A Northbridge, Mass. woman named Patricia Malone was arrested for a DUI Monday evening after plowing her car through a golf course and parking in

Man is Arrested for Driving Drunk During a Demolition Derby (That He Won)

Here is your daily dose of bullsh*t nonsense. Am I alone in thinking getting piss drunk prior to competing in a Demolition Derby is common

The 20 Hottest Photos of Suelyn Medeiros, the Hot, Recently-Arrested Model Who Drives a DeLorean

Did you think Doc Brown in "Back to the Future" was the only person who drove a DeLorean? Me too! But then TMZ sent

Drunk Russian Tries to Get Out of DUI by ‘Calling’ His Dad with a Pack of Cigarettes

See the look on this guy's face? That's the look of a man who knows he's chest-deep in a steamy, stinky pile of rotten dog

Man Dressed as Breathalyzer for Halloween Gets Busted for a DUI