Jason Dufner putt

Jason Dufner with an all-time blooper on the golf course


Looks like we have a new definition for 'Dufnering.

Jason Dufner's wife

Jason Dufner is cheating on his wife with Wanamaker trophy


PGA champion Jason Dufner has replaced his smokin' hot wife with the Wanamaker trophy.


Jason Dufner Sitting Awkwardly Around Children Has Inspired PGA Tour Players to Start ‘Dufnering’


Yesterday, for reasons we hope to never know, the photo above was taken of Jason Dufner at a charity event.

Jason Dufner

Adorably entertaining: DUFNERING with little kids and animals


While you were sleeping, a new sports meme was birthed in honor of PGA pro Jason Dufner.

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