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Dude Perfect’s Bowling Trick Shots Are Freakin’ Sick

Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.

20 Annoying People You See at Every Movie Theater

You can probably glean a lot from Dude Perfect's latest stereotype video about people in movie theaters but its message is simple

Dude Perfect Perfectly Stereotypes People Working Out at Your Gym

Dude Perfect, makers of trick-shot and stereotype videos, is back with their latest effort, right in time for the New Year's rush that's happening at every

Dude Perfect’s 500 Foot Moving Goal Basketball Shot from Reunion Tower Is NUTS

That's Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX. It's an extremely tall structure. Not like Seattle Space Needle tall, but let's not pile on Dallas while it's still down

Dude Perfect Made a Trick Shot Video with Ryan Tannehill In a Dick’s Sporting Goods

Is there anything better than getting paid to do what you love? Props to OG trick shot video YouTuber Dude Perfect for making a bunch of

Extreme Trick Shots with Dude Perfect is EXTREME

In which sports with balls meet sports without balls. Grab a Mountain Dew and enjoy.

Dude Perfect Perfectly Stereotypes People Who Play Fantasy Football

Previously, the dudes at Dude Perfect were all about the trick shots. Now they are into stereotyping motherfuckers. I don't know why they switched, but

Dude Perfect Refuses to Play It Safe With Nerf Trick Shot Video

Dude Perfect. Two words. One unmatched commitment to excellence.

Dude Perfect Breaks Down Casual Golfer Stereotypes

This video really paints golfers in the worst possible light. Makes us look like annoying, cocky, ignorant liars. Sadly, it's ninety-five percent accurate. I'm guilty

Dude Perfect Breaks Down Pick-Up Basketball Sterotypes

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they conduct themselves during a pick-up basketball game. There’s something about this particular setting

Dude Perfect Takes Nerf Gun Trick Shots to the Next Level

Dude Perfect's trick shot videos are arguably more impressive than the fact that the Now! That's What I Call Music franchise still exists. Here, he

The St. Louis Rams Punter Johnny Hekker Made a Trick-Shot Video with Dude Prefect

Sick of trick-shot videos yet? Us too. But, the latest production from Dude Perfect features the oddly entertaining Johnny Hekker of the St. Louis Rams.

Dude Perfect’s Latest Trick Shot Video Masterpiece Includes Stunt Driving

Has Dude Perfect started getting a seven-figure budget to shoot his YouTube trick shot videos yet? I mean, come on: Stunt driving?! What's next, teaming

Is This Dude Perfect’s Most Insane Trick Shot Video Ever?

What happens when Dude Perfect partners up with our favorite YouTube auteur, Devin Graham? Sparks fly and viral video magic happens. Dude Perfect was given

Johnny Football Now Has a Trick-Shot Video

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel teamed up with the trick-shot-loving dudes at Dude Perfect to make his very own trick-shot video, and also, to keep

This Trick Shot Video from Trick Shot Extraordinaire ‘Dude Perfect’ Is Pretty Amazing

Painfully impressive. 

Insane Football Trick Shots Done By Dude Perfect

I would be terrible at making a trick shot video because they take a little talent and a lot of time and unfortunately I have

Here’s A Trick Shot Video of Olympic-Sized Proportions

"Dude Perfect" gets all Gold, Silver and Bronze on us, compiling this fantastic "Olympic Trick Shots" video. I'd say there isn't anything too special about

Dude Perfect Uses World’s Largest Slingshot to Make Incredible Trick Shot

No one does trick shots better than Dude Perfect. And do you want to know why? Because making a ridiculous trick shot requires