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Quick, Think of the Most Tim Tebow Thing Tim Tebow Could Do …

The real America.

A&E Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to ‘Duck Dynasty,’ Because ‘MURICA (Or Something)

America: Your national nightmare of a Phil Robertson-free Duck Dynasty is over. After suspending Phil for his wacky comments about gays (nevermind his wacky comments about African-Americans) A&E

Is ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Just Like Martin Luther King?

Conservative radio host Mike Slater sure seems to think so, and wasn't afraid to say as much during an interview with Fox News.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Suspended By A&E For His Wacky Gay Comments to GQ

As they say, the beehive has officially been kicked. After comparing homosexuality to bestiality in Drew Magary's GQ profile of the Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson has been

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Said Some Wacky Shit About Gays to ‘GQ’

Are you sitting down? Okay, get this: A 67-year-old duck-call maker who lives in Monroe, La. told GQ that he equates homosexuality with beastiality. Stunning shit, right? If

Everyone Is Naming Their Kids After the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast

A site called Baby Center just released its annual survey of top baby names in the United States, and there's once again a definite pop

LSU Has Camo ‘Duck Dynasty’ Helmets and They’re F*cking Epic

LSU-Alabama is ALWAYS one of my favorite games of the season. So many storylines: Will the mighty and lovable Les Miles prevail over evil Nick Saban? Can

Derrick Rose Dressed Up Like a Guy from ‘Duck Dynasty’

Duck Dynasty has gripped the very heart of America and won’t be letting go any time soon. Its reach knows no bounds and, to co-opt

Here’s a Video of Katherine Webb Hanging Out with Uncle Si From Duck Dynasty at a Fashion Show

Like all Bros, I love Duck Dynasty. It's my mindless fodder to just throw on in the background and #grind. Thus, I love this video