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‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson Told Fox News’ Sean Hannity How Obama Should Deal With ISIS


Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is not one to ever back down when asked to give a hot take.

Patton Oswalt

8 of the most ridiculous Internet outrages ever


Over the last few years, Internet outrages and controversies have become as part of the fabric of the Net as cat pictures and silly GIFs.

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‘Boss Hog’ is Discovery’s answer to ‘Duck Dynasty’ and it has 100% more bacon


If Ricky Bobby, Michael Winslow, and Tickle melded into one hog loving human, you'd have Pigman.

Duck Dynasty

A&E Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to ‘Duck Dynasty,’ Because ‘MURICA (Or Something)


America: Your national nightmare of a Phil Robertson-free Duck Dynasty is over.


Is ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Just Like Martin Luther King?


Conservative radio host Mike Slater sure seems to think so, and wasn't afraid to say as much during an interview with Fox News.

Duck Dynasty

Everyone Is Naming Their Kids After the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cast


A site called Baby Center just released its annual survey of top baby names in the United States, and there's once again a definite pop culture impact.


LSU Has Camo ‘Duck Dynasty’ Helmets and They’re F*cking Epic


LSU-Alabama is ALWAYS one of my favorite games of the season.


Derrick Rose Dressed Up Like a Guy from ‘Duck Dynasty’


Duck Dynasty has gripped the very heart of America and won’t be letting go any time soon.

What to watch tonight

What to watch tonight: ‘Duck Dynasty’, ‘The Bridge’


I don't get Duck Dynasty, can someone explain it to me.

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