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Wait for the Drop: ‘Dubstep Cat’ Is Hilarious

This is so unreasonably stupid, but we can't stop laughing: A cat dances to Skrillex and Benny Benassi's "Cinema." Somehow, his owner isn't killed in

‘Hit Song’ Is a Scarily Brilliant Parody on How to Make a Billboard Topping Pop Song

This comes from Norwegian music and comedy group Kollektivet, who has been making decent waves with inventive music parodies for quite sometime now. Their latest, Hit

Why Skrillex Is the Next Limp Bizkit

In 2000, Limp Bizkit’s new album “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water” was released. The Playboy Mansion hosted a massive party to celebrate.

Dude Dancing to Dubstep Version of ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ Really Puts On the Moves

Says this guy to the ladies of America: "Tell me can your boyfriend do it like this?"

Interested in Seeing Skrillex Set His Hair on Fire While Blowing Out Birthday Candles?

This is one of those videos that doesn't really require a ton of explanation. Good ole' Sonny Moore was at a birthday party in his

Is This ‘Dubstep Bird’ the Next Skrillex?

A last minute addition to Coachella, no doubt. 

‘Fruit Ninja in Real Life, Set to Dupstep’ Is Really Just a Boatload of Epic

Interpret that usage of "epic" as you best see fit. 

Tis the Seasons for Dubstep Christmas Light Displays

At first it's like, "Oh, yeah! Dope Christmas light show!" But wait! There's a facemelting dubstep drop at the two minute mark. Deck the halls with wet

Is That Dubstep I Hear In Taylor Swift’s Latest Single About Loveloss, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’?

Remember when Taylor Swift was considered a country artist? HAHA. The joke is on us now. Swift's third single off her up-coming album "Red" just

Lindsey Stirling’s ‘Violin Dubstep’ is Pretty Entrancing

Wicked stuff from violinist Lindsey Stirling. Dubstep and classico-orchestral goodness may not seem like they'd sit at the same high school lunch table, but Stirling's

The Skrillex Boat Crash Remix Is Truly Special

An Internet treasure right here. A video of a traumatic boating accident on the Lake of the Ozarks remixed with Skrillex. If you can't squeak out a

The Best of the Sad Skrillex Meme

It's pretty easy to make fun of Skrillex: His music is just plain strange and he looks like a socially akward emo freak. Our friends over

The Most Hilariously Disturbing Video Of a Redneck You’ll See Today

Apparently the good folks down in the backwoods of West Virginia finally heard Skrillex.

‘Redneck Dubstep’ Is Something That Exists

Uhh...yea. I could try to explain this, but I actually can't. 

The Sickest A Capella Dubstep Remix You’ll Watch Today

Ew. This is dirty. Mike Tompkins remixed Skrillex's 'Cinema' and Santigold's 'Disparate Youth' for one awesome a capella remix using just his mouth and Ableton Live.

Just Some Old People Giving Reactions to Skrillex

Choice quote: "It's all toilet sounds!"

Skrillex Works Surprisingly Well in Churches

Right before the beat drops, at about the 0:30-second mark, you will see the face of God. I can promise you this.

Ever Wonder What Skrillex In Reverse Sounds Like?

A couple months ago, our faces were melted off our head when we heard Avicii's "Levels" in reverse. So what does Skrillex's "Equinox" sound when

The Skrillex Suite: The Best Damn Classical Dubstep Video You’ll Watch Today

Ever wonder what Skrillex would sound like live, performed by a 30 piece orchestra? Yeah, not really either. Regardless, Steve Pycroft wrote a classical piece

Dubstep Tapdancing Seems Legit

Back in March I posted a video of an Irish group gettin' their tap dance on to Major Lazer and Skrillex. Here's another

Finally, the Dubstep Mashup of Movie O-Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Electric Method's latest mash-up -- "Orgstep Dubgasm" -- might be the zanniest thing you'll watch today. Personally, I would have called it "When

Blind 15-Year-Old Plays Dubstep Song on the Piano After Only Hearing It Once

Now we can't confirm that he only heard the song once but still, I think we can all agree this is impressive for

Finally, the Dubstep/Rap Tribute to ‘UCLA Girls’ the World’s Been Waiting For

A new post popped up in the Brommunity earlier today promoting "a new, explosive track about UCLA glorifying our campus females as we

This Is What Tap Dancing to Major Lazer and Skrillex Looks Like

Woah. It's like Riverdance, except on molly.

Here’s Shakira Rocking Out Hard to Skrillex in Barcelona

Never took Shakira to be a Skrillex fan, but here she is in Barcelona rocking to a drop in a video called "I'm

PSA: Dubstep DJ Kitty Is the New Tampa Bay Rays Mascot

So nice to finally see one of our favorite felines, Dubstep DJ Kitty, make a natural career transition. The new gig? The Tampa Bay Rays

10 Chill, Non-Electric Covers of Skrillex’s ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’

Everyone knows Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites," one of the most popular EDM earworms for the past two years. This week, this chill, jazzy

Watch Seattle’s Empty CenturyLink Field Become a Wild Dubstep Light Show

Here's a heck of a way to get pumped for the day. What could be cooler than a random, spontaneous late night light

Video: A Capella Dubstep Is As Dumb As It Sounds

Behold! The end of the dubstep craze as we know it. Depending on the extent of your tone deafness, this statement might be

Video: Dubstep DJ Kitty Is Real and Awesome

Confession: I've watched this stupid video at least five times today. I can't stand cats. But, this is special. Somewhere, deep down inside,

Watch Our Favorite Dubstep Dancer Move Like a FREAK to Burman’s ‘Take Me Away’

Hey, what do you know? Our old pal iGlide is back with another insane video of his gravity-defying dance moves, this time to

Kramer Listens to Skrillex for the First Time

A truer video about Skrillex has never been made. This is hilarious. Remember, keep the Internet censorship free and awesome so gems like

It’s Always Sunny’s ‘Dayman’ Gets the Dubstep Remix the World Has Been Waiting For

I absolutely can't believe that this exists. If you're an "It's Always Sunny" fan, you might find this Charlie Day's "Dayman" remix from

Watch iGlide Dance Like a Robot Freak to Dubstep on His Coffee Break

In my opinion, YouTuber WHZGUD2/iGlide was one of the hidden Internet jewels we stumbled across in 2011. The man knows how to dance

Watch a 94-Year Old Grandma Dance to Dubstep on Christmas

Not all 90-somethings are baffled by "that music all the kids are dancing to these days. You know, they call it 'dubstep.'" For

Watch That Amazing Dubstep Robot Dancer Move Like a FREAK On the Great Wall of China

Remember this guy, our old dubstep robot dancer friend who goes by the name "NonStop"? He's back, baby! And this time he's blowing

Finally, the Dubstep Christmas House Light Show You’ve Been Waiting All Year For

Take a seat, Party Rock house. Even if you hate Dubstep, this epilepsy-inducing Christmas light display set to Skrillex will melt your face

Watch Legendary Hip-Hop Producer AraabMUZIK Go Nuts During a Live Dubstep Set

Here's a wild video making the rounds of legendary hi -hop producer/YouTube sensation araabMUZIK performing a cover of Benny Benassi’s “Cinema (Skrillex Remix).”

90-Year Old Grandpa Reacts to Dubstep

YouTuber TheRedGibson22 decided to expose his 90-year old grandpa and grandma to Skrillex. Turns out Grandpa Al is a pretty serious Beatles fan.

Here’s The Skrillex Remix of Avicii’s Levels That You’ve Been Waiting For

You saw the debut in England early week. Here's a studio cut of Skrillex's wet and whompy dubstep take on Avicii’s dance anthem of the