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Man’s Records His Drunk Wife Making the Most Ridiculous ‘Grilled Cheeses’ Ever

We've all come home at 2AM drunk only to play Frankenfood and make some inane food combinations.

Watch This Drunk Woman Give Herself A Concussion By Failing Miserably At Bike Stunts And Face Planting Into A Dock

My face hurts just watching this.

You’ll Never Be as Drunk as This Chick Eating Potato Chips Off the Floor of a Train


Drunk Bro Gets the World’s Laziest Uber Ride Ever

Have you ever lost your sense of direction this badly when drunk?

Have You Ever Been So Drunk That You Used A Baby As A Human Shield Against The Police? Because This Guy Has.

Maybe lay off the sauce for a while dude.

It’s 9 A.M., Are You Already Hammered? Watch Jimmy Kimmel Find Out

Spoiler alert: everyone's shithoused.

This Boat Captain Crashed His Boat Because He Was Too Busy With His Threeway

The man's got priorities.

How to Be a Drunk

There's a lot to it.

Drunk Bro at a Luke Bryan Concert Gets the Epic WWE Remix It Deserves

Welcome to Pittsburgh people. Where people pretend they live in the south by supporting shitty country music and making asses out of themselves.

Brandon Phillips Rewards Loudmouth Drunk With a Signed Baseball, Provides Important Lesson About Benefits of Being a Loud Drunk

You suck .... you're awesome.

Wasted Shirtless Dude Loses Hard-Fought Battle Against Gravity

Gravity - 1. Drunks - 0.

Chivalry Not Dead: Drunk Dude Gets Stomped Out After Pushing a Girl

These guys are true gentlemen.

These Elephants Got White Girl WASTED and Probably Texted Their Exes

Seriously, these elephants are drunk as shit.

What Girls Are Like Drunk vs. What Girls are Like Sober

When it comes to girls and booze, they can be Jekyll and Hyde.

Bro Wearing ‘Drunk as Shit’ Shirt Gets DUI

He was charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment, harassment, and strangulation.

Oregon Couple (Amazingly, Not on Meth) Uses Homemade Moonshie to Set Fire to Pizzeria That Kicked Them Out

Score one for the alcohol is the worst drug crowd.

The 10 Worst People at Every College Party

There is no doubt every guest list has its fair share of, “who the hell invited that guy!”

Drunk and Angry University of Iowa Bro Destroys World’s Flimsiest Door at Roommates’ Request

It appears this Ford enthusiast’s night of boozing took a dark turn. From what I can ascertain from the uber-intelligent […]

This Is How Drunken Germans Get Their Wasted Buddy Home In the Snow

Don’t be fooled by the title of this video: Though it says “drunk Russians,” it’s really a bunch of drunk […]

Mom Shows Up For Court Date Drunk, Carrying Baby, And It Gets Worse

Deputies in Edwardsville (somewhere in England) arrested a mom who showed up for court drunk and carrying her 7-month-old baby.

Meet the Worst Drunk Sports Fans in the World

Being around drunk sports fans when you're sober is worse than going to a karoke bar sober. #hottake 

Things You Do Drunk That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them Sober

Love this video, but it's missing my #1: Eatting $1 slices of pizza. Do you know how TERRIBLE $1 slices of pizza taste when you're

Watch These Drunk, Douchebag College Kids Argue with a Restaurant Cashier

Attention college kids: Super not cool if you do this when you're drunk.

21 Most Ridiculous Drunken Sports Fans of 2013

Today we’re honoring the drunken idiots that made a big impression on us in 2013. Ready to laugh at a bunch of hilarious drunks? Okay then,

Watch a Drunk Santacon Bro Smash a Bud Light Can Into Shreds Using His Forehead

As much as I hate Santacon jackasses for taking over my neighborhood, this video is masterful. Perched on top of a snowy building somewhere below

NJ Man Wakes Up and Discovers He’d Been Stabbed the Night Before

The next time you wake up with searing back pain, be sure to check that it wasn't because you were stabbed in the middle of

Just a Drunk Auburn Fan Passed the Fuck Out at a Waffle House After the SEC Championship Game

Well, maybe a Waffle House. We can't confirm. One thing is for sure, this Auburn Bro is white girl wasted. His many, many drunk struggle faces

10 Things That You Do Drunk That You Never Would Sober

The next time a bro decides to awkwardly dry hump his best friend, I think the one being pummeled should turn around and whisper very

8 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Like Your Drunk Friend

When you really thinking about it, your phone is like that one drunk friend you always SAY you're not going to hang out with, but

At Least Your Saturday Didn’t End With Being Tased By Police (This Guy’s Did)

No one likes listening to the cops, but you kinda have to, given the number of weapons they have at their disposal. 

Drunk Bros Get In a Cab and Ask the Driver to ‘Fly’; Guess What Happens Next?!

Try this the next time you're out with your buddies: Get in a cab and tell them to floor it, causing him to get GTA-style

How Drunk Is This Russian Truck Driver?


This Is How Drunk Penn State Was After a Four Overtime Win Against Michigan

 Hey! It's 12:35 and Michigan still sucks.  State College on Saturday night was just as awesome as State College always is after a huge Penn State win.

Drunk Woman Watches ‘Braveheart,’ Attacks Neighbor With Sword

An Australian woman got a little too amped while drinking and watching Braveheart, leaving her house to chase around her neighbors with a sword.

Drunk Fan at the Washington State-Stanford Game Pours Popcorn All Over His Face

Shout-out to this Bro chillin' in an empty stadium to watch Stanford crush Washington State, 41-3. He's the Internet's new hero for pouring popcorn all over

The 12 Stages of Drunkness, Explained by Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg -- the English actor behind World's End, Hot Fuzz, and Shaun of the Dead -- is a Bro legend. Since World's End is all about getting

Finally, @Vodka_Samm’s Mug Shot After Blowing a .341 BAC Hits the Web

Well, you just freakin' knew Vodka Sam's mugshot would inevitable hit the web, didn't you? And here it is, via Deadspin, before all those shameless, humblebrag

Drunk Dude Outside Wrigley Field Picks Fight With Gravity, Gravity Wins

The Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals have a fierce rivalry. Sometimes that animosity manifests itself in unhealthy ways – like picking a fight with

Drunk Woman Climbs in Fountain at Kansas City Royals Game, Breaks All the Rules

The Kansas City Royals play in beautiful Kaufman Stadium, which features a picturesque waterfall. It’s great to look at. The only fly in the ointment

5 Things Drunk People Like To Do

#6: Sending ridiculous text messages.