tara reid

Watch A Drunk Tara Reid Stumble Around After Talking Some Poor DJ Into Getting Her Name Tattooed On His Arm


Via Instagram I personally like Tara Reid because she owns what she is: a hot mess who’s somehow avoided a meth addiction for many years now.

ohio state

Drunk Ohio State Fan Makes Fool Of Himself At Buffalo Wild Wings, Pisses Off Girlfriend

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This Ohio State fan had the time of his damn life on Monday night as the Buckeyes competed their improbable championship run.


The Drunkest Dad Of The Year Is This Dad Who Got Shitfaced At A Bar, Blacked Out And Then Woke Up In France


Have you ever been so drunk that you passed out in your front lawn because the extra 10-foot walk to your front door was just too far away.

drunk video fails

Drunk Dude Locks Himself In Bar Bathroom And Then This Happened


Have you ever gotten so drunk that you locked yourself in a bar restroom.

white girl wasted

Here’s A Maddening Video Of A Drunk White Girl Arguing And Offering Sexual Favors To A Cop


No idea what the backstory is on this video from Minnesota that's making the rounds today.


Do You Live In One Of The Drunkest States In America?


Another year, another list of the drunkest states in the union.


These People Who All Managed To Have A BAC Over 1% Are Either My Heroes Or The Worst Drunks Ever


To an extent, you have to really respect the drunks out there who’ve crafted the art of being shitfaced to the point that they can now get their blood alcohol content above 1.

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