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The Drunk Guy Who Impersonated TSA Agents So He Could Grope Women Is Either An Evil Genius Or A Total Pervert

I can't decide.

Drunk Dad Finds Out The Hard Way His 8-Year-Old Kid is a Terrible Driver

We’ve all been too drunk to drive home. That’s why people designate a driver, or if you don’t have any […]

The 9 Colleges With the Most Alcohol and Drug Arrests

Rehabs.com released a fascinating study today. According to the website dedicated to finding rehab facilities for people struggling with drug […]

Amazing Chart Shows How the World Gets Drunk Enough to Keep Living

When it comes to partaking, we Americans are solidly mediocre. Sure, legendary drunks like Hemingway and Wade Boggs were born here, but so were the Puritans and Mormons.

The Cowboys Are Playing The Saints Which Means Jerry Jones Drunk on Bourbon Street

Everyone has fun when they go to New Orleans.

University of Florida Coeds Explain to I’m Shmacked the Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Done Drunk

We've all done some pretty silly things while under the influence, especially during our college glory days. The dudes from I'm Shmacked were recently down in Gainesville

Let’s All Get Drunk and Call Members of Congress

If you're a non-essential government employee, you've been drunk for nine days straight. This is understandable. 1. There are no jobs around that require sobriety. 2. You've got to figure

The 5 Stages to You Go Through Before Blacking Out

Every weekend for me it's the same schedule, eat carbs around 5, shower around 7, start getting dressed by 8 and start drinking around 9:30.

30 Drunk Things Every Guy Will Do Before He’s 30

Before you turn 30 years old, there are certain rites of passage you must follow.

Drunk Bro Comes to His Senses Mid Hook Up to Realize He’s With a Fat Chick, Plus More Unsung Heroism

Submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here. 

5 Things Drunk People Like To Do

#6: Sending ridiculous text messages. 

15 Hilarious ‘You’ve Been Cut Off’ Drunk Stories… What’s Yours?

If you like to drink, chances are high you've either been cut off from a bar or witnessed someone get cut off from a bar.

The 4 Most Preposterous Ways to Get Drunk

Think you know how to party? You know nothing.

10 Ways to Make It Through the Work Day With A Hangover

We’ve all been there: The dreaded hangover. That’s not the worst part...it’s a Wednesday and you have to head into work. No pot smoking, Chinese

A Lot of People Are Convinced Diane Sawyer Was Wasted During ABC’s Election Coverage

Anyone watching ABC News’ coverage of the election couldn’t help but notice Diane Sawyer was acting, uh, a bit erratically and a lot like an

Drunk Bro Falls Asleep In Broad Daylight and In the Most Uncomfortable Position Possible

Sunday Funday got the best of this NYC Bro. Looks like he gave it everything he had, but yesterday, his best wasn't good enough. These

Bouncer Knocks Drunk Dude Out Cold Outside of a North Carolina Bar

Booze makes you do some stupid ass sh*t. Like thinking you could take a bouncer twice your size, or foolishly not using a condom and

How a Girl Earned the Nickname ‘Super Soaker,’ Plus Other Tales Of Loveless Sex

Submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here. Do it. Now. Please and thank you.

Man Somehow Alive After Posting Disgustingly High BAC

After blowing a .627, how is this guy not dead? Fate, dumb luck, something in between? 

Woman Sings 91 Different Words for ‘Drunk’ in Under a Minute

I’m posting this only because I want you to learn and expand your vocabulary. It being Friday and all, these synonyms will come in handy

Golfer Pleads With Waitress to Kick Him in Face, She Complies

No round of golf is complete without a trip to the clubhouse for a 19th hole full of booze and exaggerated stories. Oh, and a

Drunk Bro Really Badly Wants to Go to EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival is the ravers Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years rolled into one three day Las Vegas binge. Thus, this drunk bro can't quite

10 Helpful Tips in Piecing Together A Night After Blacking Out

You wake up in a cold sweat, your head is pounding and you have absolutely no recollection of the previous night.  What is your plan

A Guide to How Drunk You Can Get In 11 Different Social Situations

You find yourself at a social situation and immediately feel the need to have a drink. Here's our guide for how drunk you can appropriately

Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees Arrested After Confrontation With Police

Bad news for Notre Dame fans. Quarterback Tommy Rees was arrested and charged with a preliminary felony in South Bend early this morning after a

Guy Goes Rock Climbing Hungover, Ends Up Puking Mid-Climb and Defecating His Pants

A little old, but this is one of those YouTube gems that deserves more views, damnit. The absurdity of the situation is ridiculous:

Arrested Drunk Guy Sings ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in Police Cruiser

If you're going to go to jail, you might as well go in style.

The 10 Funniest Drunk NFL Football Player Photos of 2011

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Danny, the mastermind behind the blog Shot of Ginn, the Internet's best depository for chronicling the

The 10 Types Of Drunks You See At Every Party

Pretty good video from “A Box of Scraps." Check them out on Twitter. I think with #10 they're mixing up "Bro" with "Belligerent

1 in 12 Baseball and Football Fans Are Drunk When Leaving Games

You don't need a PHD in marketing or sociology to realize that drinking and sports are BFFs. That said, here's a Happy Hour factoid to

VIDEO: Kid Cudi Wasted Like a White Boy…

Sorry Gucci Mane haters, couldn't resist the title. Here's a video of Kid Cudi wasted. Enjoy.

Breaking Down the Inevitable Four Loko Rap Video

Four Loko. Those two words stir up fond memories of lack of memories. Lately Loko has been all the noise and rage: Chicks across college

Colts Punter Pat McAfee Arrested For Swimming Drunk in a Canal

In this age of concussions and spinal cord injuries, I no longer envy professional football players. I envy their bank accounts and the p*ssy they

VIDEO: Drunk Grandpa Grinds with Arizona State University Coeds

On Saturday Arizona State lost to the University of Oregon, 42-31. Despite the loss, it wasn't all tears of defeat for the ASU fans. Our