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Alexander Ovechkin Drank At The NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft, Was Highly Entertaining


In an attempt to stay relevant, the NHL has instituted a fantasy draft where captains pick their teams for the All-Star Game.


These Are The Drunkest Places In America


According to smartphone breathalyzer BACtrack, December is one of the biggest drinking months of the year due to the holidays, football, college breaks, and a variety of other factors.


Facebook Is Finally Developing A Feature To Help Users From Embarrassing Themselves When They Are Drunk


Facebook, long standing champion of "life ruining due to user error" is finally developing a feature to keep people from doing something they'll later regret on social media.


I Dare You To Drunkenly Pass Out In A WORSE Place Than Where This University Of Plymouth Student Wound Up


If you’re a college freshman and haven’t blacked out at least 3 times by the end of your fall semester, you’re doing something wrong.


This Bro Drank Too Much Then Tried To Take A Piss In An Alley—It Did NOT End Well


What's the worst thing that can happen when you're hammered and taking a piss in an alley.


Russia + Vodka + Saturday Night Fever = YouTube Gold

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This is one of those one-in-a-million videos where the stars align and everything comes out perfect.


5 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Drunkenly Stumbling Home From The Bar


Immediate frustration (1) festers as the bar doors slam shut.


These People Who All Managed To Have A BAC Over 1% Are Either My Heroes Or The Worst Drunks Ever


To an extent, you have to really respect the drunks out there who’ve crafted the art of being shitfaced to the point that they can now get their blood alcohol content above 1.


Newton’s Law Of Being Drunk: For Every Drunk Guy There Exists An Equal And Opposite Drunk Guy


One of Newton's lesser known laws was that for every drunk guy in the world, throwing up or not, there exists an equal and opposite drunk man.

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