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Just a Drunk Chick Creepily Crashing a TV Segment in Austin

She's being compared to Overly Attached Girlfriend, but really she's the living embodiment of why Austin is weird. Really, really drunkenly weird.

Drunk ‘Ghostbuster’ Does Back Flip Off Police Cruiser, Lands in Drunk Tank

Look, if you can do a standing backflip, you need to pick appropriate times and places to unleash such a trick. While the night of

Drunk Man Unaware That the Car He Is Sitting In Is on Fire

Drunk driving is a horrible thing to do. Drunk driving a car that is up in flames is monumentally moronic.

FTW: Drunk Dancer Cuts a Rug to Rick Astley at a Wedding

Best. Wedding. Dancer. Ever. Easily the best thing you'll watch all day, via Hot Clicks. The YouTube description says it all: "At my