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5 Tips to Keep You From Blacking Out the Next Time You Binge Drink

People love drinking but no one loves waking up next to a monstrosity.

This Is Hands Down the Worst Way to Be Woken Up After a Night of Drinking

Worse than any alarm clock I've ever owned.

This Man Reportedly Had Drunk Sex With a Picnic Table…and Also an ATM

This is Lonnie Hutton. He is a 49-year-old man...with a sexual affinity for objects.

‘I’m Writing a Book, Bitch..I’m An Author’: Drunk Bro at Preakness Goes Full-Douche During an Argument

Here's an amazing display of drunkenness that occurred at the Preakness this past weekend.

Incredibly Drunk Irish Girls Act Like Incredibly Big Assholes in a Convenient Store

It's all fun and games until you start to destroy a random person's property.

Drunk Middle-Aged Bro Singing Lil Jon’s ‘Get Low’ on the D.C. Metro Wins All the Prizes

No possible way that anyone should judge this drunk guy riding the D.C. metro and belting out everyone's favorite parts of "Get Low."

This Is How Drunken Germans Get Their Wasted Buddy Home In the Snow

Don’t be fooled by the title of this video: Though it says “drunk Russians,” it’s really a bunch of drunk […]

Drunk Teenager Wielding a Chainsaw and Wearing a Flower Pot on His Head Tried to Rob a 7-Eleven

  Queensland, Australia’s Steven Frank Steele’s methods of executing a robbery are unorthodox, and wildly ineffective. According to The Queensland Times […]

Things You Do Drunk That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them Sober

Love this video, but it's missing my #1: Eatting $1 slices of pizza. Do you know how TERRIBLE $1 slices of pizza taste when you're

BOOM! Drunk Bears Fan Meets Sign Post in Most Delightful Collision Possible

Drunk people have bad coordination. That's a well-established fact. 

Drunk Fan at the Washington State-Stanford Game Pours Popcorn All Over His Face

Shout-out to this Bro chillin' in an empty stadium to watch Stanford crush Washington State, 41-3. He's the Internet's new hero for pouring popcorn all over

When a Drunk Man Charges at an Elephant, You Should Expect the Unexpected

This could've turned out one way. Instead, it turned out another. This man lives, until another destructive decision stumbles across his path. I've been watching Final

Watch a Drunk Blue Jays Fan Unleash a Truly Staggering Amount of Vomit after a Game

The last time I saw a guy puke this much:

Drunk Dude in Boat Gets Clocked in Face by Beer, Goes Overboard

There is nothing like being out in the open water, enjoying the grandeur of nature while pounding an obscene amount of beers. As long as

Copenhagen Is Testing Out ‘Legal Street Urination,’ Continues to Be World’s Best City

I spent a semester in Copenhagen, and can honestly say it's the greatest city I've ever been to. This doesn't so much have to do

Drunk Bro Goes Absolutely Nuts in Back of Cop Car, Kicks Officer in Face, Gets Tased

This locomotive has gone off the FUCKING rails. Complete composure yard sale, right here. Spits on the officers, threatens to kill them, kicks a cop

Drunk Businessman Provides Funniest Moment of the Day By Trying to Go Down the Up Escalator

HAHAHA, YES!!! This super-serious businessman may be severely intoxicated, but he’ll be damned if he lets anyone break his stride.

Blacked Out Guy Picked Up a Chick at a Bar by PULLING HIS DICK OUT, Now on Mission to Find Her

Not only do I find this to be the greatest Craigslist ad of all time but it's easily the ballsiest move I've ever seen, in

Here’s a Drunk Guy Burning a Tattoo Off His Face With a Hot Fork and a Cigarette

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the lowest common denominator of our society... Drunk or not, rich or poor, smart or stupid; burning holes in

Drunk Guy Smashing TV’s and Accosting People on the Sidewalk Gets Savagely Knocked Out

Today must be National Human Stain Day because it's just about all I can find on the Internet. Thankfully, in this video the living cocksore

Here’s Mark Cuban Dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ at Kilroy’s, Our No. 1 Bro Bar

Mark Cuban—destroyer of Skip Bayless, patriotic maker of money—is one of our favorite guys around here. And since he's an on-the-record reader of BroBible, we

Drunkard Falls Onto Subway Tracks, Sole Witness Robs Him Then Leaves Him There to Die

Admittedly, this is a tough video to watch. Provided that you don't have a death-by-train fetish. The basic backstory goes that a drunk man stumbling

Dude Drunk Dials 911 to Ask If They Can Take Him on a Beer Run

Let this serve as a reminder to the texting/Facebook generation that yes, there is a BIG, BIG difference between 411 and 911. 

This ‘Ultimate Drunk Fails Compilation’ Is One of the Internet’s Finer Moments

We love Fails, we love Drunk, and we love Ultimate. Actually, college kids on lawns with t-shirts slightly too small for them are really the

Drunken Man Unharmed After He’s Run Over by 26 Rail Cars

It’s not unusual to feel like you’ve been hit by a train after a night of heavy drinking. One Alberta man actually did get hit