drunk people

‘The Walking Drunk’ Is Every Bit As Terrifying As ‘The Walking Dead’


Sure, The Walking Dead is scary, but there are REAL people living among us in REAL life that are equally as scary: The Walking Drunk.

hot to avoid blacking out

5 Tips to Keep You From Blacking Out the Next Time You Binge Drink


People love drinking but no one loves waking up next to a monstrosity.

sober problems

15 problems only sober people will understand


When you stop hitting the hooch the world suddenly seems like a very different place.

The Library

The ultimate guide on how to be a drunk


If you're going to be a drunk, you might as well do it right, so here are eight steps you need to follow to make sure you're getting the most out of your alcoholic tendencies.


‘I’m Writing a Book, Bitch..I’m An Author': Drunk Bro at Preakness Goes Full-Douche During an Argument


Here's an amazing display of drunkenness that occurred at the Preakness this past weekend.

irish girls

Incredibly Drunk Irish Girls Act Like Incredibly Big Assholes in a Convenient Store


It's all fun and games until you start to destroy a random person's property.

lil john

Drunk Middle-Aged Bro Singing Lil Jon’s ‘Get Low’ on the D.C. Metro Wins All the Prizes


No possible way that anyone should judge this drunk guy riding the D.

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