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​Drunk Girls Scream ‘We’re Gonna Fuck Shit Up!’ Live on Fox News

With five minutes left on the clock until 2014 last night, these two turnt drunk girls in Miami had a message for the nation: "We're

Drunk Texas A&M Girls Interrupt a Live News Broadcast from the Cotton Bowl


Stand-Up Comedian Chris D’Elia Has a Hilarious Bit on Drunk Girls

Are you familiar with stand-up comedian Chris D'Ellia? You should be. Perhaps you recognize him as the co-star on "Whitney" or Topher from "Workaholics." Regardless,

Why Drunk Girls Always Cry At Bars

It’s an incredible phenomenon, the drunken girl crying, convinced that her life is literally over while she sits on the pavement drooling on her brand

A Guide to the Drunk Crying Girl, One of Your Bar’s Worst Inhabitants

You know her and hate her as the Drunk Crying Girl, one of the most infamous species of bar-dwellers known to man.

What Girls Do When They’re Drunk (Video)

Ah, a noteable follow-up to "What Guy Think About During Sex" from Jenna Marbles. Seems accurate. What would you add?