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I Tried to Conquer the White Castle Crave Case, Like a Total Fucking Boss

Spellbound, I sat there, still too drunk to drive, riding shotgun, my Crave Case in my clutches.

The 33 Best College Sandwich Shops In America

Jimmy Johns is great and all, but if you’ve never experienced the drunk food magic of an Are U Hungry? […]

The Best College Drunk Foods at the 25 Best Party Schools

Ahhh, college. It's where children blossom into adults, and then keep blossoming into larger and larger adults, because the main point of most nights is

The Final Four of Drunk Food

Yes THE FINAL FOUR, but most people have stopped giving a shit--our brackets are shot, our Dunk Cities have gone the way of the Baltimore

Drunk Food Revolutionized by Red Robin’s Ghost Chili Pepper Burger

I could see the pranks, challenges, and endless barrage of YouTube videos from a mile away.