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An Impossibly Drunk Red Sox Fan Took on the Entire Yankees’ Upper Deck; How’d He Do?

The drunkest man in the Bronx recently took in a baseball game at the unfriendly confines of Yankees Stadium.

Watch a Drunk Blue Jays Fan Unleash a Truly Staggering Amount of Vomit after a Game

The last time I saw a guy puke this much:

Watch an Absolutely Hammered Texas A&M Fan Start a Fight in an Airport

Wearing a Johnny Football shirt and perhaps exhibiting the over-confidence that comes with beating the No. 1 team in the country, a blitzed Texas A&M

Rowdy San Francisco Giants Fan Gets Referred to Alcoholics Anonymous for Going H.A.M.

It's not everyday a family friend refers you to Alcoholics Anonymous after a rowdy evening at a ball game. But that's exactly what happened to

1 in 12 Baseball and Football Fans Are Drunk When Leaving Games

You don't need a PHD in marketing or sociology to realize that drinking and sports are BFFs. That said, here's a Happy Hour factoid to