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VIDEO: Bro Sets Off M-80 in His Shorts’ Pocket For $15

Finances must be tight.

Police Ask Drunk Bro If He Has a Firearm, Bro Flexes to Indicate Yes, Guns Are Present

The money move.

Three Drunk, Naked Bros Break Into Burger Spot, Steal Some Patties

Had to be fraternity hazing.

Drunk Bro at a Luke Bryan Concert Gets the Epic WWE Remix It Deserves

Welcome to Pittsburgh people. Where people pretend they live in the south by supporting shitty country music and making asses out of themselves.

New York City Gets the W: One Man Army Takes on a Crew of Basic Bros in Street Fight

"If you ain't from New York City, don't pretend like you are."

Drunk Russian Bro Passes Out in Most Improbable Position Possible

He's bending like a demon baby. PEOPLE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEND LIKE THIS.

‘Drunk’ Bro Has Amazing Dance Moves

You'll understand why I say drunk as "drunk" when you see how "drunk" he actually is. Just watch the video and wait for it... 

This Is What Happens When You Drunkenly Try to Jump Through a Window

Don't try this at home, folks. Or anywhere, really.