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Here’s a Grandma Just Killing It On Some Music Store Drums

She looks both like Beavis AND Butthead. From any angle, she rocks harder than most men half her age.

A Supercut of David Letterman Asking Questions About Drums Exists

I guess I never noticed David Letterman’s obsession with drums and drum ownership. Thanks to some sharp-eyed people with CBC Music, I’ll never watch a

Dude Teaches Dog How to Drum

Here's something. A Kenny Powers look-a-like manages to teach his dog how to pound on the foot petal of his drum set. It's pretty impressive. 

Guy with No Arms Does Incredible ‘Call Me Maybe’ Cover on the Drums

This might be the most incredible, uplifting thing I've ever watched. This arm-less drummer DESTROYS Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" on the