UCF Biomedical Student Busted For Cooking And Selling Homemade Molly, Is Basically Walter White


A biomedical student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando has been arrested and charged with trafficking in 400 grams of Ecstasy, possession of LSD, psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana, and is suspected of manufacturing the drugs himself.


This Is What Your Brain Looks Like On MDMA (AKA Molly)


This is not exactly the fried egg commercial I knew and loved as a youth.


Woman Eats Entire Bottle Of ‘Sleeping Pills’ To Prove Homeopathy Is Complete Bullshit


YouTuber 'ScienceBabe' is here to take a stand against CVS, Walgreens, and all the other drugstores who are selling 'homeopathic' bullshit, and she's eating 50 pills on camera to prove just how fake these 'HPUS' remedies are.


This 20-Year Study Absolutely DEMOLISHES The Claim That Smoking Pot Is Harmless

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There’s thousands of people in the world who will read that headline and automatically get a thorn stuck in their ass and a megaphone in their hand and start screaming all over our Facebook wall “WELL I MAKE $50k A YEAR AND I SMOKED WEED EVERY DAY SINCE I WAS IN THE WOMB AND I TURNED OUT FINE,” and yet they’re 40, single, and living in their parent’s basement.

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The World’s Youngest Drug Dealer Is Four Years Old And Gave Away Heroin To Kids At Her Day Care


If you want your kids to be good at something, you have to start teaching them early.


Two Dudes Fake Kidnapping For Ransom To Go On One Final Bender Before Heading Back To Rehab


So you're heading back to rehab to get help for your addictions but want to go on one last blowout of a bender, what do you do.


Can You Believe LaRon Landry Was Suspended For Violating The NFL’s PED Policy?


Indianapolis Colts safety LaRon Landry was suspended four games for violating the National Football League's policy on performance-enhancing substances.

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Man Wearing Jersey That Says ‘DOPE’ Arrested For Possession Of Coke, Heroin, and MDMA


A Florida man was apprehended in Sarasota after a routine traffic stop went awry.

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