Real-Life Walter White Busted Cooking Meth In A Minivan By The Beach


A Florida Man has landed himself behind bars after he was found cooking meth from his Chrysler Minivan near a beachside jetty in Venice, Florida.

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The DEA Is Trying To Block Medical Marijuana In Utah By Claiming Stoned Rabbits Will Ruin America

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In a hearing on Medical Marijuana last Thursday by senators and law enforcement officials in Utah one DEA agent claimed that medical marijuana could (and would) lead to stoned rabbits fearless of human beings, and destructive deforestation all across Utah.


Nebraska Man Busted After Police Find Weed Inside Container Labeled ‘Not Weed’


  Lincoln police have a great anecdote to tell around police station thanks to a 21-year-old criminal mastermind who was pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence.


Guess Which Schools Topped This Year’s Lists Of Most On-Campus Drug And Alcohol Arrests?


Here's a list that no college or university wants to rank on -- the schools with the most drug and alcohol arrests.


‘Breaking Bad’ Contest Winner Meets Cast, Ends Up In Prison For Multi-Million Dollar Drug Ring


Ryan Carroll, 29, will serve two years in a Florida prison after police raided his house and found $1.

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Meet The Chick Who Stole $126,000 From Her Employer To Fuel Her Aggressive Cocaine Habit


I don't know how former Aldi manager and cocaine connoisseur, Louise Mulholland, wound up falling so deeply in love with the drug that it caused her to steal $126,000 from Aldi, but in my head all cocaine addicts first encounter with the drug goes something like this.

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