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Man Named Edward Cocaine Arrested For Possession of…

I'm not sure if this is irony.

‘X-Men’ Director Accused of Drugging and Raping Teenage Boy

The plantiff, a 17-year-old boy, says Singer slipped him roofies and sodomized him.

You Can Get High Smoking Bed Bugs, So of Course Teens Are Doing It

It might even be an epidemic.

U.S Map Shows Top 50 Colleges with the Most Drug and Alcohol-Related Arrests

This either means these schools party hard or the campus cops are fucking dickbeards.

$2 Million Worth of Cocaine Was Found Inside Frozen Goat Meat at JFK Last Month

The goat, it appears, died in vain.

Here’s a Story About a Bro Who Claims He Got His Best Friend’s Ex to Blow Coke Off His Dick

Because Bro Code, duh.

Map: Which Country Does the Most Cocaine?

It's not Saudi Arabia.

Uh Oh! It Looks Like Someone in the Vatican Has a Cocaine Problem

Gives new meaning to "Upon this Rock."

Shocking New Marijuana Study Reveals What You’ve Always Feared

Terrible news.

If You Want to Know What Dropping Acid Is Like, Just Watch This GIF

This GIF perfectly sums up an acid trip.

‘Breaking Bad’ IRL Alert: Meth Cook Busted Wearing a ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ Shirt

It’s a glorious day: Liberal Arts students can finally STFU about whether life imitates art or art imitates life. We’ve [...]

19 Most Notorious Non-PED Substance Abusers in Sports History

Note to bros: If you were hoping to find guys and gals like Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, and Marion Jones [...]

The 12 Worst Things Addicts on Reddit Admitted to Doing for a Fix

Drugs! They are… really, really addicting. And if you get very, very addicted to them, you will do seriously fucked [...]

25 Things People Do When High on Drugs

Earlier this week we learned a lesson in how drugs can affect your decision-making. Am I right Justin Bieber?

Davone Bess Shared a Lovely Picture of His Marijuana With the World

Well, that was a really stupid thing to do, Davone Bess. On the bright side, it looks like high-quality stuff. 

BIEBER RAID UPDATE: Lil Za Arrested For Drugs

Poor Lil Za, just chilling with Bieber. I bet he had no idea shit was about to hit the fan.

Girl Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Removed, Has Drug-Induced Emotional Breakdown

I know this might come across as an unconventional solution, but the only thing that can cheer up the saddest girl in the history of

GAH: Student High on Mephedrone Cuts Off His Own Penis

A 19-year-old college kid in West Sussex, UK stabbed his mother and sliced off his own penis while high on mephedrone, the Mirror horrifically reports

The Big Ten Tried to Suspend Ohio State’s Noah Spence for a Year After Testing Positive for Ecstasy

Ohio State defensive end Noah Spence was suspended three games as a result of testing positive for ecstasy, according to his father.


YouTube Star Pranks House of Bros By Pretending He’s the DEA Doing a Major Drug Bust

I can't tell if decide if this is hilarious or extremely fucked up. I'm no lawyer or law enforcement expert, but I'm pretty sure you're not

Teen Reportedly Injects Flesh-Eating Drug Into Genitals

Oh, kids. You never know what they will do next. 

Police Find 30-Pounds of Ecstasy Inside an ASU Student’s Dorm Room

The Arizona Department of Public Safety made a huge drug bust involving an ASU student, uncovering nearly 30-pounds of ecstasy in Andrew James Gajkowski's dorm

This Chart Shows Which College Kids Take the Most Adderall

Beast Coast. According to a recent study monitoring discussion of Adderall on Twitter, East Coast college kids—primarily at more selective schools—were way more likely to

Doing Cocaine Now Will Make You a Better Father Later

Good news for those of you railing lines of blow right now to power through the work (or school) week.

This Video of a Redneck Tripping On Acid Is Delightful

The 9 best quotes said by a good ole boy tripping on LSD for the first time:

This Meth Head Was EXTREMELY Upset a Cop Shot Him

"You shot me! I'm gonna bleed to death!"

Members of Mexican Drug Cartels Are as Vain as Us, Post Selfies to Facebook

The next time you are worried about kids these day, oversharing online, be grateful. 

A Brutally Honest Rob Ford Admits He’s Bought Illegal Drugs in the Past Two Years

You'd think a mayor would get the hook up, no?

Marijuana is Coming to the East Coast

At first it was just hippie states out West legalizing weed. 

Everything You Wanted to Know About How Movies Fake Drug Use

Unfortunately, when your favorite actors are snorting lines on screen, they aren't doing actual cocaine. 

The Weed Fairy Exists, in Brooklyn, Naturally

Free weed? Free weed. 

Subsitute Teacher on Heroin Passes Out In Class

If I have one official stance in life, it's this: do your drugs after work.

Johnny Knoxville Was Drugged at a University of Arizona Party

While filming promos for the upcoming Bad Grandpa at the University of Arizona, Johnny Knoxville said someone slipped ecstasy in his drink. 

This Woman Took an Ass Load of Drugs, Proceeds to Act Accordingly

You think you have an idea on how to do drugs? You're wrong. Dead wrong, in fact. This bitch...now she knows how to do drugs.

Teens Find New Way to Smoke Pot; Society Doesn’t Fall Apart

Heavens to Betsy!! Teenagers have found a new way to smoke pot!!

A Guide to all the Sex and Drug References in Miley Cyrus’s ‘Bangerz’

Miley Cyrus's new album, Bangerz, dropped today and for whatever it lacks in profundity, it makes up for with references to all the drugs

Guy Walks Around Telling People He’s High in Hazy New Prank

James Blunt turned a similar prank into a chart-topping song a few years back. All this guy is getting is a few seconds of internet

Fake Pot is Really Bad For You

It turns out you probably shouldn't smoke synthetic drugs that say on the label "Not For Consumption."

Florida Man Tries To Pay Bills With Crack

A Florida man tried to pay his bills in the most Florida man way possible. By bartering with the crack cocaine he possesed. 

Marquette Lacrosse Bro Allegedly Dropped Acid and Punched a Cop After a Zedd Show

Charley E. Gargano is a Marquette University lacrosse player. He was also just charged with allegedly assaulting an officer after dropping four hits of acid