Two Dudes Fake Kidnapping For Ransom To Go On One Final Bender Before Heading Back To Rehab


So you're heading back to rehab to get help for your addictions but want to go on one last blowout of a bender, what do you do.


Can You Believe LaRon Landry Was Suspended For Violating The NFL’s PED Policy?


Indianapolis Colts safety LaRon Landry was suspended four games for violating the National Football League's policy on performance-enhancing substances.

florida man

Man Wearing Jersey That Says ‘DOPE’ Arrested For Possession Of Coke, Heroin, and MDMA


A Florida man was apprehended in Sarasota after a routine traffic stop went awry.

music festivals

Electric Zoo Releases an Anti-Molly PSA for Ravers


Electric Zoo got it's ass handed to it last Labor Day Weekend after two people died from overdosing on molly.

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