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How to Craft a Relationship with Your Drug Dealer

Customarily, there’s at least some trust between you and any new drug dealer; it’s no different than starting with a new doctor, therapist, or Cabala

People Are Still Buying Pot from Drug Dealers in Colorado

Near the Denver airport is a store that has been called the "Costco of weed." It's expanding this year to 40,000 square feet of space;

Presenting This Week in WTF: The Most Maniacal and Downright Psycho Stories from Around the Web

Dope new Tuesday night fix in the works. We've noticed you hooilgans get off to stories that cross so far over the line that they

Ever Wonder How to Sell $100,000 Worth of Drugs in a Week? If So, Watch This

I'm going to start selling drugs, I think. Seems almost philanthropic. I always like hearing about people that spend their lives trying to help people

If You Sell Drugs, Make Sure Your Neighbors Aren’t Good at Making Fliers

Apparently the Oregon police aren't cracking down on drug dealers, which prompted members of the community into action. In what appears to be a mash-up

Five Columbia Students Arrested for Selling Cocaine, Pot, Ecstasy, Adderall, and LSD in Frat Houses

Read that headline carefully. That's "Columbia,"  -- the Ivy League university in New York City -- not "Colombia," the underdeveloped country in northern South America