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YouTube Star Pranks House of Bros By Pretending He’s the DEA Doing a Major Drug Bust

I can't tell if decide if this is hilarious or extremely fucked up. I'm no lawyer or law enforcement expert, but I'm pretty sure you're not

5 Stupid Drug Busts That Only a Complete Idiot Could Replicate

No matter how you get caught, a drug-related arrest is going to make you feel pretty stupid. But don’t beat yourself up too badly; there

Chainsaw-Powered Drug Raid FAIL Ruins Random Lady’s Day, Front Door

An FBI task force performed one of the most epic drug raid fails in recorded history last week. Agents raided a Fitchburg, Massachusetts,

600 Marijuana Plants Found In Police Raid Of Bronx Building

When purchasing a commercial property, you should consider location, location, and of course the amount of gigantic weed plants growing inside of it. For the

$1 Million LSD Ring Busted at Drexel University

This might be a little bit of a set back for the EDM scene in Philly...

That’s a Lot of Effing Weed: 10 of the Biggest Marijuana Seizures in History

No weed smoker in the world has ever uttered the phrase “Man, I wish I didn’t have so much!” If that isn’t a doc*mented