Someone Put A ‘Supercharger’ On A Drone And HOLY CRAP Is It Fast


Usually when you watch footage of amateur drones flying through the air, it's slow and methodical.

military tech

Watch Navy’s Prototype Drones That Swarm Targets Like Locusts


When we last checked in on Navy drones, they were developing a fish-like apparatus called the GhostSwimmer to secure the seas.

cool videos

WATCH: Stunt Drivers Take A Truck Muddin’ In Ultra HD Via $250,000 Phantom Flex 4K Camera On A Drone


Three things every dude loves in no particular order: Trucks, gettin' muddy, and drones.

drug drones

Meth Drones Are Your New Favorite Flying Drones


Drones carrying meth are our new favorite drones.


‘GhostSwimmer’ Is The US Navy’s Response To Drones, And It’s A Fishy Wet Fart Of An Invention


In order to keep up with the US Military's rapid expansion of drone programs, the US Navy is getting into the game with the 'GhostSwimmer'.

the avengers

Some Dudes Made A Working ‘Avengers’ Helicarrier Replica Complete With Fighter Planes


My only question here is 'why did it take so long' for someone to make a working replica of The Avengers' helicarrier.


Some Idiot Made A Drone That’s A Bracelet Designed For Other Idiots To Take Selfies


We've been amidst a selfie epidemic for months (if not years) now, and it's only getting worse: the Nixie is a wearable drone designed to take selfies and be worn as a bracelet.


Stupid Government Won’t Let Brewery Deliver Beer by Drone to Ice Fishers


When you consider the various uses of drone technology elsewhere in the world—spying, assassinations, indiscriminate bombings—beer delivery seems pretty tame.

what are drones

Drones: Why you should fear them


Drones are supposed to be used to assassinate targets when they pose a "continuing and imminent" threat.

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