stupid idiots

If You’re A Stupid Idiot Who Wants To Wreck Their Car While Driving On Ice Then Do EXACTLY What These People Do


The one time I wrecked my car it was because I was dumb enough to drive in the snow and skid into a rock at the edge of my driveway.


Watch This Video And Be Happy You’re Not This Idiot Woman Who Can’t Handle Backing Her Car Into A Parking Space


It takes a lot to get me worked up, but I could feel a wave of anger rising up my body as I watched this woman try to back into a parking space.


This Is Why You Should Drive A Car With A Little Balls: Tree Demolishes Nissan Leaf


Either this car is shoddily made or Groot is alive and bashing up vehicles on the highway.

bad drivers

Man In A Jeep Teaches A Corvette Driver Why You Should Never Park Like A Douche


A++ work to this Jersey bro with a muddy Jeep why you should never park like an asshole.

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