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What Girls Look For When They Want to Use a Guy For Drinks

Manipulative dames.

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5 Things I Just Learned About ‘The Arnold Palmer,’ the Best Non-Alcoholic Drink Ever

Because every Bro in the world knows the Arnold Palmer is the best non-alcoholic drink of all time. 

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Cinema is rife with society-threatening villains wreaking havoc on New York City. Whether it’s Godzilla, King Kong, or a zombie-making virus, stock footage of Manhattanites

5 Shots and Drinks to Mix for the Ladies (and the Bros) at Your New Year’s Eve Party

A well-stocked bar at a Bro-packed party usually requires little more than copious amounts of beer and bottles of Jager and whiskey. But when the

Party Tricks You Need To Know About: The 100 Sake Bomb Dominoes

In my book, there's no such thing as a night that starts with sake bombs and ends in a bad time. Never. It's

10 Great Ways to Enjoy Jameson Whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day

A couple of St. Patrick's Days ago, one of our resident bar mavens wrote up the 10 best ways to enjoy Jameson on St. Patrick's