Florida State Baseball Player Hits Double And Celebrates By Pretending To Shotgun A Beer


On Sunday, fourth-seeded Florida State (41-19) won their sixth ACC tournament title and their third since 2010.


110-Year-Old Man Says The Secret To Long Life Is Drinking Beer Every Day


On May 16, Nebraska’s oldest man turned 110-years-old, and he says the secret to his longevity is beer.


Canadian Girl Who Nearly Set Herself On Fire Is Proof ‘Drinking And Fireworks’ Should Be Left To Us Americans


Today I learned that in Canada the last Monday before March 25th is a federal public holiday named 'Victoria Day', where Canadians celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria (the former Queen of Great Britain 1819 – 1901).


STUDY: The Shape And Markings On A Beer Glass Directly Influence How Fast You Drink And Drunk You Get


Researchers seeking to gain information into the habits of drinking went into the lab and the field to see how the shape of a glass and the markings on that glass affected the rate at which a person drinks, and subsequently how drunk that person got.


Drunk Dude Not Only Gets Brutally Knocked Out Once On Vegas Strip, But Twice #DEDICATION


The proverb "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again," is a wise logic to have in life.


I Can’t Stop Laughing At This Girl Trying To Take A Selfie With A Horse Mask On


A BroBible reader sent us this video from this past Derby Day.


This Veteran’s Koozie Company Is So Bro-Tastic That There’s A ‘Walking Dead’ Parody About It

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A few weeks ago I told you about The Boozie, a koozie that straps on your belt like a gun holster.


Tour De Fridge Is Australia’s Amazing All-Day Drinking & Bicycle Race Where 1,600 Beers Are Pounded By Contestants


The Tour De Fridge is Australia's version of the Tour de France bicycle race, with some major improvements.

diet whiskey

In ‘What Is This World Coming To’ News, Diet Whiskey Is Now Available


What in tarnation is this abortion of all that is heavenly good.

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