drinking contests

Guy Falls Into A Pit Of Vomit During A Chugging Contest At Irish College


University College Dublin is one of the biggest colleges is Ireland, with over 30,000 students.


The 5 Stages Of A Thursday Night Every Bro Goes Through


As a young professional, Thursday nights are a very gray area.


This Wristband Tracks How Drunk You Are And Lets Your Friends Know Where The Fuck You’ve Wandered Off To


Vive This is Vive, a smart wristband that does its best to make sure you don't do anything too stupid or become a tragic statistic when you're heavily intoxicated.

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U.S. Map Shows The Most Popular Cocktail In Each State


"Cocktails and motherfuckin' dreams, motherfucker.

happy hour

The 5 Types Of Bars You Visit For Happy Hour And What They Say About You


Shutterstock The grind of a corporate workweek is enough to shake even the most hardened of men to their very core.


Ric Flair Is Beside Himself With Joy While Telling Story About Andre the Giant Drinking 106 Beers in Five Hours


As fucking gigantic as Andre the Giant was, and as much as I want to believe that he consumed 106 beers in five hours and Ric Flair witnessed it, I'm skeptical.


5 Main Differences Between Drinking in College and Drinking In the Real World


Adults may not be able to drink as much as college students, but they do always have their own toilets to puke into.

beer bongs

Cleveland Police Officer In Trouble For Helping a Bro Do a Beer Bong While Tailgating for a Browns Game

By | 2 Comments

Of all the things to get upset about in the City of Cleveland, people are wasting their time being outraged by a cop who held a beer bong for a bro who was tailgating for a Browns pre-season game.

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