drinking games

10 Uncommon Drinking Games You Need To Play This New Year’s Eve


It’s coming up to be that time of year again: New Year’s Eve.


What If Beer Commercials Were Made Like Yogurt Commercials For Basic Chicks?


The only thing it's missing is Erin Andrews talking about how beer is a wonderful probiotic that's great for her digestive health.

2014 christmas

5 Holiday-Inspired Drinks That Won’t Make You Lose The Respect Of Men Everywhere


Another December and another parentally hosted holiday party complete with the traditional pre-party screaming match and subsequent meltdown.


Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Hangovers — Including How To Prevent Them


Imagine how much more people would drink if hangovers didn't exist.


Do NOT Try To Pull A Fast One On Nick Offerman When It Comes To Whisky


As I mentioned yesterday, American national treasure, humorist, and woodworker Nick Offerman loves his scotch whisky.


7 Ways To Make Sure Your Next Party Isn’t As Shitty As The Last One


High school was prime time for house parties; no one was of legal drinking age and everyone looked forward to walking the halls Monday morning eyeing the kids who either publicly threw up or got walked in on.

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