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The Kickstick Might Just Be the Best Flask Ever

Drinking booze. Everyone's doing it.

The Drinking Life Cycles of Every Bro

The booze phases every bro goes through.

How Guys Drink Alone vs. How Girls Drink Alone is Very Accurate

Basically, if you're to believe this video guys drink alone like total bosses...

The 2014 Masters Drinking Game

If there were ever an event that was easy to make a drinking game for it would be the Masters Tournament.

Awesome Irish Brewmaster Reviews Cheap Wine, Doesn’t Do the Tour De Franiza

Mad Dog, Franzia, and Boone's Farm are all modern marvels to the drinking connoisseur.

How Drunk You Are, Based on the Dance Move You’re Using

I hope you're at least five Fireball shots deep if you're dancing like Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan from Night of the Roxbury.

How Drunk You Are, Based on the Dance Move You’re Using

Booze gives us all a case of Saturday Night Fever.

UPenn’s Women’s Lacrosse Team Goes Harder Than You Do, Gets Naked While Trashing a Bar

  Way to party, UPenn women’s lacrosse team. On Saturday night a group of 50 people under the UPenn women’s lacrosse [...]

Why Bros Need to Start Icing Bros Again

A few summers ago a bored genius frat bro invented icing. It's time for a comeback!

How To Day Drink: The Definitive Guide

Our friends at Thrillist put together what might be the ultimate guide to every Bro's favorite activity.

Drunk Hockey Referee Steals Show at Amateur Hockey Game

Best ref ever.

The 5 People You’ll Drink With in College

You can probably spot him at a party breaking a beer can on his head and shot-gunning it.

Nevermind Guys! Four Loko is Here to Stay

We were wrong.

The 5 Bars You’ll Visit in Your 20s

Sometimes you want to go... Where everybody knows your name (...and isn't also a tremendous douchebag).

10 Drinks To Make You Drink Like a Man

As we bros leave our four-year hibernations in bear-soaked basements, we must adjust our drinking habits to match the new working world.

Police Seize 4,400 Beers from Canadian Student’s Apartment

One "unofficial" student group was busted this weekend after officers seized 4,400 cans of beer.

A Bro Got Drunk For Seven Straight Days to Test Hangover Cures

Not a bad gig, if you can find it.

This Chart Shows When People Were The Most Hungover in 2013

When were we bitching about our hangovers last year?

Bill Murray’s Tips for Boozing Are the Greatest Thing Ever

Bill Murray is already the man, but you'll appreciate him even more when you read about his tips for getting his drink on.

The 10 Worst People at Every College Party

There is no doubt every guest list has its fair share of, “who the hell invited that guy!”

How to Justify Spending Your Time Drinking Instead of Studying For Midterms

Drinking > Studying

Ranking the Best Nights of Your Twenties to Go Out

Use this as your warning if you’re getting up there in your 20s—don’t let Friday’s become lame.

The 7 Crucial Differences Between College Bars and Non-College Bars

1. Overheard Conversations College Bar: At college bars there’s a lot of talk about exams, that brutally early 9 a.m. [...]

This Is How Drunken Germans Get Their Wasted Buddy Home In the Snow

Don’t be fooled by the title of this video: Though it says “drunk Russians,” it’s really a bunch of drunk [...]

The Perks of Embracing the Flask-Carrying Lifestyle

Outsiders may find your choice depressing, but the anti-portable-booze agendas of Emilio Estevez, Ralph Macchio, or any dissenting friends or [...]

10 Things You Should Never Do At a Bar, by Your Bartender

Bars and pubs are the schoolyard recesses of the adult world. They’re where everyone goes to hang out, where friends [...]

The Difference Between Being Drunk And Being CLASSY

It’s a fine line you are walking, but with the right advice, you can pretend to be much classier than [...]

10 Sentences That Will Always Ruin Your Night

If you’re out at the bar and you feel like dipping into your repertoire of cheesy pick-up lines, we almost guarantee [...]

Guess What Happens When You Chug a Bottle of Whiskey In Under 5 Minutes? Just Guess

A man from Nepal made a bet with friend that he could chug an entire bottle of whiskey. At stake? [...]

What if Guys and Girls Changed Roles at the Bar?

The Flip Side’s bread and butter is  role reversal. In this video they ask “What if Guys and Girls Changed [...]

President Obama Must Thank the Bros

I’m tucking my button down into my jeans and giving up. Despite the White House’s optimism, the economy still sucks. [...]

This Whiskey Ad Will Make You Want to Do Something With Your Life (More Than Just Drink Whiskey)

I’m not ashamed to admit I cried at the end of this. I cried at the end of this. It’s [...]

A State of the Union Drinking Game That Doesn’t Fucking Suck

Tonight is Barack Obama's (sixth?) State of the Union address, a speech wherein he will delinate for our nation a grandiose plan that refuses to take

A State of the Union Drinking Game That Doesn’t Fucking Suck

Tonight is Barack Obama's (sixth?) State of the Union address, a speech wherein he will delinate for our nation a grandiose plan that refuses to take

Amazing Chart Shows How the World Gets Drunk Enough to Keep Living

When it comes to partaking, we Americans are solidly mediocre. Sure, legendary drunks like Hemingway and Wade Boggs were born here, but so were the Puritans

Drunk Russian Bro Passes Out in Most Improbable Position Possible

He's bending like a demon baby. PEOPLE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEND LIKE THIS.

5 Ways to Sneak Alcohol Anywhere

Booze is inexpensive when you’re buying it at the liquor store or sucking it out of your neighbor’s carpet. Alcoholism is a fun hobby, and

10 Things About College That Nobody Prepares You For In High School

I would like to think that high school aptly prepares all students for college. However, sitting here as a senior about to ride a flaming

Today in More Great Science News, Going to Bars Is Good For You

Earlier this week, SCIENCE™ brought us the wonderful news that marijuana can help protect your liver from being damaged by alcohol.

The 13 Hardest Partying Athletes in the Game

Fact: If you party with John Daly, you may wake up in a sand bunker with no clue how you got there.