A Top 10 List Of Famous Bros I’d Get Drunk With, By Reader Request

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Earlier today The Gang from It's Always Sunny established that Danny Devito is, indeed, worthy of being called a Bro King.


These Are The 20 Most Popular Beers In America Right Now

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Craft beers are more popular than ever, yet the most popular beers in America are dominating the beer war at the cash register.

dumb crime

Drunk Underage Kid Accidentally Breaks Into The House Of A Mayor Trying To Crack Down On Underage Drinking


There's nothing wrong with getting into a little drunken debauchery while you're in college, but at some point you need to draw a line between what's acceptable and what's going to get you arrested.


The ‘Diary Of A Drunk Boner’ Is A Sobering Reminder Of Just How Much Our Drunk Penis Hates Us


Love them (because stamina) or hate them (because flaccidity) we've all brought our drunk penis into the bedroom before with the hopes of going for broke.

drinking fail

This Is The Craziest Shot At A Bar Ever And You Could Get Brain Damage Doing It


When you buy a shot at the bar you are looking to get hammered very quickly.


These College Kids Pranked Their Drunk Friend By Completely Covering His Entire Dorm Room In Foil


Tab There’s nothing like going out, getting drunk and then coming home to your cozy lil’ bed and eating an entire delivery pizza all to yourself as you chug water and hope you won’t be hungover as balls in the morning.

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