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Watch A Redneck Bong A Beer Off Another Dude’s Nipple Ring (Yes, Really)


In case your remote doesn't land on the CMT channel very often, like mine, you should probably know that Stone Cold Steve Austin hosts a show called Redneck Island.


Budweiser Thinks Millennials Can Save The King Of Beers

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Budweiser will NEVER relinquish its title as the 'King of Beers' no matter the state of the market.


This Jenna Marbles Video PERFECTLY Describes Going To The Bar The Night Before Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Eve -- the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving -- is notorious for being "the biggest bar night of the year," especially at watering holes in small towns where all the townies reunite with their transplanted friends who live elsewhere.


Mr. Monopoly Showed Up At A Jets-Steelers Tailgate, Performed A Classy Keg Stand


What we have here is a gentleman dressed as the Monopoly Man (or Rich Uncle Pennybags if you want to be technical) doing a keg stand before Sunday's Pittsburgh Steelers-New York Jets game.

man beat up for pizza

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See How Savagely This Man Was Beat Up For Slice Of Pizza


  You go to the bar to get completely plastered and the only thing that your body craves is a warm, gooey, carbohydratey slice of pizza.

south park

‘South Park’s’ ‘Please Drink Responsibly’ Ad Is The Best Damn Drinking Ad We’ve Ever Seen


In last night's "Freemium Isn't Free" episode of South Park they dropped the world's greatest drinking ad.

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