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Stephen Colbert Might Have Destroyed Future Sales for the Vapshot Alcohol Vaporizer Last Night

Worst paid company spokesman of all time.

Arizona State Girl Drinking Fireball Straight from the Bottle In the Student Section

Sneaking Fireball into the student section... CLASSIC Arizona State move.

What Does Your Favorite Beer Say About You As A Bro?

You can tell a lot about a man by the type of beer he drinks.

You’ll Never Guess How Many Brain Cells You ACTUALLY Kill After A Night Of Heavy Drinking

Game changer here.

7 Theme Parties You’ll End Up At During College

Drinking never gets boring, the way you do it does.

Stop Everything: Deep-Fried Tequila Shots Exist and Will Get Your D-R-U-N-K

Booze you can eat? Booze you can eat.

Math Teacher Gets So Drunk That She Takes a Cab to School, Continues to Drink Vodka and Sunny D

If I was a math teacher I'd need to show up to work drunk and keep $9 bottle of Fleischmann's vodka in my desk too.

3 Cheap Booze Hacks

If you aren't running your $12 bottle of shitty vodka through a Brita water filter, you're not drinking bad vodka right.

Why You’ve Been Drinking Beer All Wrong

It's an absolute travesty that the general beer drinking public at large believes that the colder the beer, the better is tastes.

Hahahaha Texas Wants to Let People Drink at Gun Shows

What a fucking state.

9 Things College Kids Claim They’ll Start Doing, Then Never Do

You're on your own for the first time, which means that living on an endless diet of Chipotle is no longer an unattainable dream.

Man’s Records His Drunk Wife Making the Most Ridiculous ‘Grilled Cheeses’ Ever

We've all come home at 2AM drunk only to play Frankenfood and make some inane food combinations.

What Girls Look For When They Want to Use a Guy For Drinks

Manipulative dames.

Hot CNN Reporter Got Too Turnt Up In Baghdad And Is Now Getting Sued For Drunkenly Biting Two EMTs

Worst. Night. Ever.

20 Most Sober Schools In America List 2014 -2015 Crowns a Familiar Face As the King of Sobriety

You've got to be kidding me...Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering made this list of the most sober schools?

Do Something Useful With Five Minutes of Your Life for Once, and Learn How to Taste Scotch

Like a man.

This Is The ‘Proper’ Way To Drink Whiskey If You’re A Pompous Dickbag

People got too much time on their hands.

7 Surprising Vodka Hacks

FINALLY, a use for all that leftover Zelko no one wants.

You’ll Never Be as Drunk as This Chick Eating Potato Chips Off the Floor of a Train


6 Signs You’ve Outgrown a Bar

I will beat this dead horse. I will beat this dead horse until it’s nothing but a tender pulp ready to meatballed into delicious treats

7 Shocking Reasons To Drink

It's a fact that booze is good for you. But do you know WHY? Watch this...

Drunk Guy Tries to Lecture Cops on Civil Rights at a Baseball Game, Isn’t Entirely Convincing

Chill, Bro.

This Chart Accurately Depicts What Everyone Does When They Can’t Hear What Someone Said to Them At a Bar

At this point, people sound like adults in Charlie Brown's life to me.

Science Study: Cooler People Drink More

And drunker.

3 Cool Ways To Get Your Drink On This Summer

Any sucker can pound tea vodka, ice-cold Fireball shots, or shot-gun Bud Lights.

5 Tips to Keep You From Blacking Out the Next Time You Binge Drink

People love drinking but no one loves waking up next to a monstrosity.

This Bald Guy’s Go-To Beer Trick is Pouring Beers Using Only His Forehead — Yeah, Just Watch

Nice work, bald guy.

These Summer Lifehacks Are Great for Gettin’ Drunk Outside This Summer

If you don't have a cooler that you can keep your beers cold that also has floaties so you can take it in the river/lake/ocean/pool/whatever

I Tried to Make Bacon While I Was Drunk Last Night

Twenty-seven is way too old to be making a rookie mistake like this.

6 Things Needed For Your Drunken Canoe Trip

Marked by relaxation, minimal hygiene, and expressing time in beers consumed rather than hours, the cottage lifestyle is a true slice of paradise.

6 Reasons Why Guys Love Female Bartenders

Bartenders do more good for the world than the UN. Every time you tip a bartender it should be considered a tax-exempt donation.

Target Field Now America’s Best Stadium, Adds Self-Service Beer Kiosks

Alcohol, without human contact

10 States That Drink The Most Beer

The #1 and #2 spots will surprise you. But when you really think about it, what else is there to do there?

The 12 Most American Things To Do on the 4th of July

Today I brainstormed all of the American things I wanted to put on my calendar in celebration of being born in the most free-est goddamn

Top FIFA Official Shocked at the Amount of Drunkenness at the World Cup


Watch This Blonde Smoke In A Swimsuit Teach You How To Shotgun A Beer

Girl + swimsuit + beer = win

Why Every Bro Needs to Drink at a Beer Garden This Summer

Over the last few years a recent European phenomenon has crept in to the underpinnings of social life in the United States.

It’s 9 A.M., Are You Already Hammered? Watch Jimmy Kimmel Find Out

Spoiler alert: everyone's shithoused.

15 Problems When You’re Sober

If you’ve ever been sober while surrounded by drunks, you can relate to every single one of these problems.

5 Things That Happen at Every Bar Crawl

“Hey, I wonder what we’d all be like in public as a big, drunk crowd.” AWESOME, that's what.