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15 Hilarious ‘You’ve Been Cut Off’ Drunk Stories… What’s Yours?

If you like to drink, chances are high you've either been cut off from a bar or witnessed someone get cut off from a bar.

Amy Schumer Tells Jimmy Kimmel a Story About Getting Blackout Drunk at Bonnaroo

Ah, concert drinking stories. Everyone has one. My personal favorite is the time I threw my shirt into the bushes outside the gates of Merriweather

Drunk Man Steals Lawnmower Inspiring Us to Ask: What is the Coolest Thing You’ve Done While Drunk?

    It's Friday and chances are someone, somewhere, is going to do pull a drunken stunt this weekend. So this story could not have come at

Nekked, Drunk Florida Keys Tourist Gets Tasered 3 Times

If you follow me on Twitter, you'd know I was f*ckin' hammered on Saturday night. Started early and wasn't going to be satisfied until I

Here’s a Video of an Idiot Chugging 4 Four Lokos

Thanks to our friends at Gorilla Mask, today we stumbled upon a little online project called FourLokoStories.com. The name basically says it all (although most