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The Official Drinking Game of Shark Week

A reader emailed us last night with a friendly reminder that this week is Shark Week (on the Discovery Channel).

Nina Dobrev Plays Giant Beer Pong with Jimmy Fallon, Pounds Beers Like a Champ

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev was on The Tonight Show last night to play a little pong against television's move lovable Bro.

This ‘Slip and Flip’ Slip ‘N Slide/Flip Cup Game Is Pretty Epic

Last week we were introduced to "slip 'n flip," a kick-ass day party game combining a slip 'n slide and flip cup.

Here’s How To Turn Your Roomba into a Killing Machine When You’re Drunk

Roombas equipped with knives battle til the death!

Did a Tourist in Spain Blow 24 Men for a Bottle of Champagne?


4 Best Yard Games to Turn Into Drinking Games This Summer

Drinking games and summer go together like drinking games and summer.

Rate This Bro’s Epic Wizard Staff

Only the best drinking game ever.

4 Best Board Games to Turn into Drinking Games

Oh God, the power’s out.

The Official Bellator 120 Drinking Game

Bellator is back! This weekend two of MMA's biggest legends -- Quinton “Rampage” Jackson against Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal -- will meet in the

Here’s Our Official 2014 NFL Draft Drinking Game

It's finally here.

5 Drinking Games to Play on Cinco De Mayo With Your Neighbors

Yo soy fiesta.

Get Wasted With Our Official Kentucky Derby Drinking Game


The Ultimate ‘Mad Men’ Drinking Game

Mad Men is back this Sunday and it’s the final season. That’s reason enough to drink, right?

Here’s Our Official ‘Game of Thrones’ Drinking Game

HBO’s juggernaut Game of Thrones is returning to TV this weekend.

Here’s Our Official Opening Day Drinking Game

Best day of the year.

Jimmy Fallon Had a Wet T-Shirt Contest with Lindsay Lohan

Last night Lindsay Lohan was on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show to talk about her new reality show with Oprah and how great life is, yada

This Is the Only Oscars Drinking Game You Need This Evening

Just a little Oscars drinking game we came up with here at BroBible x @brotips. Head to the liquor store before […]

The Official ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Drinking Game

Netflix has brought the original (and ridiculous) Power Ranger’s episodes back on instant play, allowing me to create a mighty drinking game to the episodes.

A State of the Union Drinking Game That Doesn’t Fucking Suck

Tonight is Barack Obama's (sixth?) State of the Union address, a speech wherein he will delinate for our nation a grandiose plan that refuses to take

A State of the Union Drinking Game That Doesn’t Fucking Suck

Tonight is Barack Obama's (sixth?) State of the Union address, a speech wherein he will delinate for our nation a grandiose plan that refuses to take

The Official COPS Drinking Game

The TV show Cops is on more frequently, and on more networks, than any other show. And when you factor in the over 850 episodes to

The Official 2014 Golden Globe Awards Drinking Game

Golden Globes drinking game time, Bros! One of the biggest and booziest nights in showbiz is upon us. Head to the liquor store now because nothing is

Spend the Weekend Making Your Own ‘Alcohockey’ Table

This is why we let Canada hang out — for brilliant ideas like Alcohockey.

Here’s Our Official BCS Championship Drinking Game

Auburn and Florida State play for the national title tonight. We will drink. Oh yes, we will drink. 

5 Reasons Drinking Games Are Good For You

The next time someone gives you shit for playing pong, just tell them that you're mastering your hand-eye coordination. 

10 Awesome Non-Traditional Drinking Games for Your Next Party

You’ve spent a hard week writing that paper on how the theoretical arguments of price and wage flexibility allow for correcting in the macroeconomic theory

The Official Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Drinking Game

Tonight is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It's also a bitterly cold Tuesday, so if you're looking for an excuse to drink, you've come to

Monday Night Drinking Game: Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears

Chicago and Dallas play a football game tonight. The playoff implications are huge and the weather promises to be crappy. You should drink alcohol while

8 Secrets to Beating Everyone at Flip Cup

There are two ways to become a superior flip cup player. #1: Have a beer... 

Monday Night Drinking Game: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

Chicago and Green Bay play a football game tonight. These two teams really don’t care for each other. It’s going to be cold and Jay

Monday Night Drinking Game: New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons

Jets! Falcons! BOOZE!

Monday Night Drinking Game: Miami Dolphins vs. New Orleans Saints

Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints. Football and beer. Beer and football. You and this game. Fun and memories. Let’s deux it. 

The Official ‘Breaking Bad’ Drinking Game for the Series Finale

This evening millions around the world will tune-in to AMC to see how Walter White's Shakespearean meth-fueled tragedy will conclude. If ever there was a reason for

The 15 Best College Beer Pong Tables on the Internet, According to Darren Rovell on Twitter

Last night Darren Rovell, notorious Twitterati and ESPN Sports Business Reporter, put out a call on Twitter for people to share the most impressive college

Official Thursday Night Drinking Game: New York Jets vs. New England Patriots


The Official NFL Kickoff Drinking Game: Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos


The Official 2013 VMAs Drinking Game

No award shows drives us to drink quite like MTV's annual Video Music Awards. Yet every year we hate-watch the The Moonman awards anyway, mostly

The Official HGTV ‘House Hunters’ Drinking Game

I have a confession: My television guilty pleasure isn't an overhyped cooking show, former Amish people who can't resist temptation in

Your Ultimate 4th of July Day Drinking Playlist

Because there can just never be too much 'MERICA.

Fourth of July Drinking Games: Watch Out for Those ‘Landmines’

Bottoms up!