Video games

This ‘Mario Kart’ drinking game is the only thing missing from your life


Mario Kart racing will never be the same after this glorious drinking game.

world cup drinking game

Play the World Cup drinking game… ‘Murica!


This World Cup drinking game is awesome whether you need a beer to calm your nerves or something make the action more exciting.

the 9th semester

The 4 Worst People to Play Drinking Games With


I’ll always enjoy that intoxicating sound, that hollow, muffled, plastic-on-plastic noise, that’s promptly followed by cheers and high fives.


10 best Neknominate videos will make your liver hurt


Nekmoninating is the world's most intoxicating internet craze.

drinking games

The Official ‘Breaking Bad’ Drinking Game for the Series Finale


This evening millions around the world will tune-in to AMC to see how Walter White's Shakespearean meth-fueled tragedy will conclude.

The Emmys

Emmys drinking game makes awards show tolerable


Countless people suggested cocktails to drink while watching the Emmys, but that's just not your style.

Miami Heat

Here’s Our Bottle-Tested Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers Game 7 Drinking Game


 The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers square off in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight.


PSY demonstrates 13 ways to take a shot


If you thought PSY was going to fade away now that Harlem Shake has taken over the world, think again.


A legal victory for ‘power hour’ lovers everywhere!


Did you know that the term "power hour" was trademarked.

presidential debate drinking game

Presidential Debate drinking game roundup will get you drunk


The Presidential Debates are an excellent source of information, assuming you consider prepackaged pandering to be informative.

Oklahoma City Thunder

This Oklahoma City Thunder-Themed Beer Pong Table is a Beauty


By all appearances, the Oklahoma City Thunder are legit.

Video games

‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ as a drinking game


Time for yet another installment of The Warp Zone’s Drinking Games For Gamers, which not only works for the recently released Street Fighter X Tekken but any fighting game that's built around tag teams quite honestly.

Save on Brew

March Madness drinking game will be the nail in your coffin


I'll be honest, the last thing I usually need during March Madness is a drinking game.

selection show

Here’s Our Official Selection Show Drinking Game


On Sunday night, the 68 teams comprising this year’s NCAA tournament will be unveiled.

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