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The 4 Worst People to Play Drinking Games With

I’ll always enjoy that intoxicating sound, that hollow, muffled, plastic-on-plastic noise, that’s promptly followed by cheers and high fives.

The Official ‘Breaking Bad’ Drinking Game for the Series Finale

This evening millions around the world will tune-in to AMC to see how Walter White's Shakespearean meth-fueled tragedy will conclude. If ever there was a reason for

Here’s Our Bottle-Tested Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers Game 7 Drinking Game

 The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers square off in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight. It’s the most important game of LeBron James’

Here’s Our Official Opening Day Drinking Game

Ah, baseball is here. America’s national pastime. Well, along with alcohol. Hey, why not combine the two with our Opening Day drinking game? We promise

This Oklahoma City Thunder-Themed Beer Pong Table is a Beauty

By all appearances, the Oklahoma City Thunder are legit. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have a very good chance of hauling in the

Here’s Our Official Selection Show Drinking Game

On Sunday night, the 68 teams comprising this year’s NCAA tournament will be unveiled. For some fan bases, it’s a very stressful time. For others,

Here’s Our Official 2012 Oscars Drinking Game

The granddaddy of all awards shows, the Academy Awards, is Sunday night. It's a very classy affair, what with the black ties and commitment to

Enjoy Sunday Night’s ‘Eastbound & Down’ Premiere With This Drinking Game

Kenny Motherf*cking Powers will bombard his way back into our living rooms Sunday night, when the third season of HBO's "Eastbound & Down" premieres. Every bro