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Bro Wearing ‘Drunk as Shit’ Shirt Gets DUI

He was charged with drunk driving, reckless endangerment, harassment, and strangulation.

Girl Killed By Driver Who Tweeted ‘2 Drunk 2 Care’ Earlier in Evening

Kaila Mendoza is accused of driving the wrong way down a highway in Coral Springs, Florida and slamming into a Toyota Corolla, killing the driver. 

This GIF of Rob Ford Mocking a City Councilman For Drinking and Driving is Pure Delight

Imagine if this whole Rob Ford saga took place in another era. 

Bro Gets Pulled Over For DUI, Gives One Hell of a Field Sobriety Test Performance

Dancing, story-telling, motor-boating; this drunk bro gives two officers a field sobriety test to remember. He seemed like a good dude. Stupid as the day

A Racecar Driver was Arrested for Drunk Driving. While He Was, You Know, Racing a Car

"Racing...TO HIS GRAVE" - Stevie Chay Vaughan 

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink and Drive—They Knock Them Out First

This is the best deterrent to stopping your friend from drinking and driving ever.