Tipsy Bartender

Presenting the Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick to the Face shot


Chuck Norris and Sriracha are two of the internet's favorite sons, and they come together in one potentially disgusting shot from Tipsy Bartender.

restaurant guide

Find. Eat. Drink.: An app for people who want actual restaurants


Crowdsourcing is wonderful for many, many things, but it is spectacularly lousy at helping you find a restaurant worth eating at.

songs about drinking

Woman Sings 91 Different Words for ‘Drunk’ in Under a Minute


I’m posting this only because I want you to learn and expand your vocabulary.


Golfer Pleads With Waitress to Kick Him in Face, She Complies


No round of golf is complete without a trip to the clubhouse for a 19th hole full of booze and exaggerated stories.

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