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Coolest Dad Ever Takes His Kid Drifting, Kid Loves Every Second Of It

Awwwwwww….. Shout out to this Bro dad who took his little guy drifting. This kid’s eyes get bigger than saucers […]

Watch Ken Block Drift Cars Through a Crazy Russian Course

This video brought to you by an absolutely obscene number of GoPro cameras.

All You Cool High School Drift-Masters: Don’t End Up Like This Guy

Cars impress chicks. But only if the driver isn't a total foolbag. 

A Handful of Idiots Halted Traffic on a California Highway Because They Started DRIFTING

Is this a Drifting flashmob? Maybe. Did it piss off a lot of people sitting in traffic wondering why the shit they can't get home?

This Is What Drifting a School Bus Looks Like

Ever wonder what it looks like to drift a school bus? Me either! But the thrill-seekers at Nitro Circus took a customized bus on a

Easily the Sickest Drifting Video Ever, Feat. Ken Block and the Streets of San Francisco

Most drifting videos are so boring, they're almost unwatchable to the casual car enthusiast. Not the case with Ken Block's latest masterpiece, Gymkhana 5:It's nearly

Watch AK-47-Wielding Saudis Drift at Dangerously High Speeds in Possibly the Most WTF Video Ever

What. The. F*ck?! Dug up by the motorheads at Jalopnik, this has to be one of most insane drifting videos in the history