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I Can’t Stop Watching Drake Use a Lint Roller on His Pants During the Nets-Raptors Game

Gotta look fresh.

If Drake Fans Were Super Heroes

Drake is not for everyone, but for his diehard fans he's their spirit animal...or something.

Drake Dresses In Disguise and Asks People What They Think of Him on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Drake is hosting the ESPYs in July and there’s no doubt that October’s Very Own is going to kill it. Last [...]

Bandwagon Jumper Drake Was the Saddest Person at the Championship Game Last Night

Lifelong Kentuckian and noted Wildcat alum Drake put on his "Courtney from Hooters won't call" face.

Drake Drops ANOTHER New Jam on An Unsuspecting World, ‘Days In The East’

Drake went off with "Draft Day;" now he cools things down a bit with "Days in the East."

Drake Drops a ‘Draft Day’ Freestyle About Johnny Manziel And It’s Fire

It's okay to be jealous of the Drake and Johnny Manziel bromance.

Jay-Z And Jay Electronica Drop a Remix of Soulja Boy’s ‘We Made It,’ Diss Drake

About damn time Jay Electronica gets his ass in gear and starts releasing music. Finally the Roc Nation signee drops some new music, this time

Why Drake Hosting ‘SNL’ Is Bad for His Rap Career

Drake hosted Saturday Night Live this week. He showed off an impressive Katt Williams imitation, saved a couple skits, participated gamely in

Drake as Lil’ Wayne as Steve Urkel Won ‘Saturday Night Live’ Last Night

Saturday Night Live spoofed the BET show Before They Were Stars last night, resulting in the best sketch of the show. 

Drake Played A-Rod as ‘Saturday Night Live’ Took on His Steroid Scandal Last Night

Well, this is perfect. 

This Pic of Johnny Manziel and Drake Hanging Out on New Year’s Day Might Break the Internet

Johnny Manziel was proving that ice water runs through his veins on New Year's Eve with A&M's impressive comeback over Duke. Since he didn't get

Drake Drops ‘Trophies’ and ‘We Made It’ to Win Your New Year’s Eve

New Drake alert. Back in November, the rapper said he expected to drop a few new tracks before the end of 2013. ("It’s on 40. He

Drake Joined Kanye for His Yeezus Tour Closer in Toronto

Engineers weren't sure if the bouncing Yeezus stage would collapse under the weight of two rappers and their respective egos. Thankfully, it stayed afloat last night in Toronto. Drake

Introducing ‘Extreme DrakeOver,’ For Bros Who Have Gone Soft Thanks to Drizzy Drake

Fact: Chicks love Drake. Fact: Bros love Drake. Fact: Babies get made while the soothing sounds of Drizzy croon in the background on the reg. 


Drake’s Dad, Memphis Star in Video for ‘Worst Behavior’

This is an unusual music video. There's Drake's dad, rocking pink and lip-syncing in front of a fleet of pink limos (like a Miami Bugsy

Drake Debuts a New Hit-Boy Produced-Song Called ‘Trophies’ in Brookyln

Mr. Aubrey Graham continued his stellar ‘Would You Like A Tour?’ in Brooklyn after the release of his junior album Nothing Was The Same.  In

Al Roker Went to a Drake Concert, Made a Hilarious Vine Selfie About the Experience

Al Roker is a young-at-heart type of guy, so he decided to accompany his daughter and her friend (lame... DAD) to Drizzy's recent show in Connecticut's XL Center

Drake and Future Make Up, Go Back On Tour Together

According to both Buzzfeed and Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9, Drake and Future have made up from their little beef, and the two will

M.I.A. Has Transformed Drake’s ‘Yolo’ In ‘Yala’

Coming to an obnoxious dance floor near you: M.I.A.'s take on Drake's "YOLO," a borderline incomprehensible banger called "Y.A.L.A." It sounds like a shitty Major Lazer song

Don’t Piss Off Drake or He’ll Kick You Off His Tour

Earlier this month, Future told Billboard that he wasn't impressed with Drake's newest album Nothing Was the Same. “Drake made an album that is full of

Drake Went On SportsCenter to Talk About Being a Miami Heat Fan and Besties with Johnny Manziel

To hype his new album, Nothing Was the Same, rapper/crooner Drake went on SportsCenter yesterday for a masturbatory segment about his sports besties, including Johnny Manziel (who he

Drake Drops a Violent Music Video for ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’

Circle Tuesday, June 24, 2014 on a calendar. There are going to be a lot of babies born on that day, which is approximately nine months from today.

Who Has Drake Dated?

Ever wonder who Drizzy Drake has dated? Ellen, of all places, has you covered... 

Drake’s New Album Has Leaked

Yep, it's here. Drake's next album Nothing Was the Same leaked tonight, nine days ahead of its scheduled Sept. 24 release. Twitter had buzzed

Drake Releases New Banger ‘Wu-Tang Forever’

It's not exactly the intro to "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man," but Drake's latest manages to namedrop Wu-Tang's "It's Yours" without totally disrepecting the Wu's legacy. As

Is Drake Going to Perform at Texas A&M’s Midnight Yell Tomorrow?

The Game of the Century is Saturday in College Station. We’ve been beaten over the head with all of the Alabama-Texas A&M hype for what

Love Making Fun of Drake? Read This…

Sometimes Drizzy just makes it too easy... 

Listen to ‘Live For,’ a Smooth Collab Between The Weeknd and Drake

Canadian crooner The Weeknd has a similar musical sensibilities to Aubrey Graham. Also a Toronto product, The Weeknd is best known for his somewhat dark, heavily reflective style and

Drake Releases New Song; Recruited Kanye, A$AP Rocky, Diddy and Ma$e (!) to Play His Festival

Drake's last couple of days have solidified his spot as the current center of the hip-hop universe. This isn't to say he's the best or

Drake’s Releases Banger of a New Jam ‘All Me,’ Featuring 2 Chainz and Aziz Ansari (?)

The song title is "All Me," a not-exactly-subtle nod to the lyrical self-absorption that has sometimes characterized Drake's career. I groaned a bit when

A Great ‘All Gold Everything Remix, a Drake Remix, Plus What’s Hot This Week

"All Gold Everything" was played so many times that it was driven into the ground, but this remix might just have the ability to resurrect

Here’s Rihanna Masterfully Twerking to Drake

Yeah, if the headline didn’t sell you already, I’ve got nothing for you.

Amanda Bynes Tweets That Drake Looks Like He Has Down Syndrome, Immediately Deletes Tweet

What happend to all that "I Want Drake to Murder My Vagina" talk?

Drake Releases Four New Songs, Trailer for New Album

Drake has always struck me as the kind of guy who would take a shot out of his Grammy award while surrounded by his boys.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Went Drinking, Ate Pizza With Drake

OK, so Drake wasn’t allowed in the Miami Heat locker room after they won the championship last night. Scandalous. But perhaps less scandalous

Here’s Drake Being Denied Access Into the Heat’s Locker Room After Last Night’s Game (UPDATE)

How is he supposed to YOLO when the man is keeping him down like this? While trying to enter the Heat's locker room last night

The Funniest Drake and Miguel Memes

Drake and Miguel: Look, I'm sorry guys. No one really has anything against you. "Started from the Bottom" still echoes around all of our brains

Drake Drops Soulful New Track, ‘Girls Love Beyonce’

Can't say Drizzy's really wrong about this one. Girls do love Beyonce. It's more of an R&B jam than a full-forced banger we've gotten a lot

Drake Drops Dope New Visuals for ‘5 AM in Toronto’

The message of this song is essentially that Drake worries most about taking care of his October's Very Own team—hence the disembodied owl that makes

Amanda Bynes Wants Drake to ‘Murder Her Vagina’

Amanda Bynes seems like a woman on the fast track to success. And, hey look: she’s not afraid to tell you what she really wants