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DMX’s Interview with Dr. Phil Today Was Hilarious, Fascinating, and Sad

After a year that saw financial troubles, more drug problems, multiple DUI arrests, and that naked lap through a hotel hallway, DMX sat down with

Dr. Phil Wants to Know if It’s OK to Have Sex With a Drunk Chick

C’mon, Dr. Phil. You’re supposed to be the guy with all of the answers.

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Tells Dr. Phil He’s Gay, Or Possibly Just Confused

The man who perpetrated the extensive hoax on Manti Te’o is predictably confused about his own sexuality. That’s, like, the first thing in this whole

Broke and Desperate, Terrell Owens Turns to Dr. Phil for Help

Terrell Owens hit a new low on Tuesday. Man, that’s a depressing sentence. The six-time Pro Bowler appeared on the “Dr. Phil” show

Dr. Phil Sends Ted Williams, Homeless Guy with Radio Voice, to Rehab

That was fast. Ted Williams, the homeless guy with the golden radio voice, was discovered last week, became insta-famous, got a couple sweet gigs, had