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Missouri’s Defensive Coordinator Taught His Players How to ‘Dougie’ Yesterday. No, This Post Isn’t a #TBT

He tried is best.

This Little Bro Dougie-ing with the Tampa Bay Cheerleaders Steals the Show and Then Some


MaKayla Maroney Taught Jenna Bush How to Dougie

The Olympics can make a man do crazy things, like watch, and care about the outcome of, women's (see: girl's) gymnastics or post videos of

Kate Upton Doing the Cat Daddy is the Hottest Thing You’ll See All Week

Kate Upton, who owes plenty of her success to showing us how to Dougie, has some new moves. Warning: if you watch it

‘Teach Me How to Dougie’: The Orthodox Jewish Wedding Remix

This remix is taking the Interwebs by storm. Here's the original. With all due respect, we're kinda partial to this version...

VIDEO: Chris Brown vs. John Wall ‘Dougie’ Dance-Off

On New Year's Eve, basketball superstar John Wall and recent domestic abuse certification graduate Chris Brown engaged in a "Dougie Dance-Off" in a D.C. nightclub.

Here’s a Video of Detroit Lions Third String Quarterback Drew Stanton Doing the ‘Dougie’

Drew Stanton, the Lions’ third-string quarterback, scored first in today's game against the Chicago Bears. Here's a video of him doing the "Dougie" as his