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What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women

Guys, allow this video to be a PSA: When you catcall women, you're making an ASS out of yourself.

Vegas Club Promoter Texts Bachelorette Saying Her Party Can Be Comped If There Are No ‘Whales or Hippos’

I can't believe how polite this chick remained. I would have been like, "Dude, kill yourself," if I were her.

Chris Brown Is Posting Very Naughty Pic of His Hot Girlfriend, as If You Need Another Reason to Hate Him

Just when you thought he disappeared, Chris Brown is out of jail/rehab/whatever court-mandated thing he was doing and back on Instagram posting pics that

‘I’m Writing a Book, Bitch..I’m An Author’: Drunk Bro at Preakness Goes Full-Douche During an Argument

Here's an amazing display of drunkenness that occurred at the Preakness this past weekend.

This Cop Is the Biggest Douchebag Cop Ever, Trips High School Kids Celebrating a Championship

What an insufferable douchelord.

Toolbag High School Senior Says He’s Going to Be the Biggest Fratstar at WVU and Steal the Quarterback’s Girlfriend

High school kids really think they're the beeknees, ah? Take, for example, this over-privileged douche who's probably only lived on Mommy and Daddys dime his

Remember the Army Ranger Who Chewed Out the Fake Solider? Police Arrested Him for the Most Bullshit Reason Ever

Yesterday I posted a video of an ex-Army ranger chewing out a man wearing an Army Ranger uniform who clearly […]

Watch an Ex-Army Ranger And Fellow Veteran Call Out a True P.O.S. Posing as a Fake Soldier

It takes a true lowlife to throw on an Army uniform and prance around in public just to be lauded for your service to the

The 10 Worst Types of Douchebags

To be fair, each grouping of D-bags possess distinguishing characteristics that might otherwise be somewhat universal. But each of these 10 groups are representative of

Meet the Biggest Douchebag Bandwagon Fan In Sports History

Being a Philadelphia sports fan, I don’t think I’ve ever despised someone more than this man. Like a man without […]

This Video Perfectly Describes Every Douchebag EDM Snob Ever

I’ve been on a huge neo-dub-psychedelic garage grunge house kick lately. This video from Nacho Punch perfectly describes every EDM snob […]

High School Idiots Chant ‘We Want Slurpees’ at an Indian Player

Ugh. Racism. When a player of Indian descent took the free throw line this past Friday, a group of high school idiots in Western New York

Watch a Douchebag Have the Most Insane Road Rage Meltdown Ever

Holy crap. This video of an absolutely insane road rage meltdown is the stuff nightmares are made of. Apparently this video dates back to April

The 9 Biggest Female Rich Dicks in America

Last week, we covered the 9 Biggest Rich Dicks in America in honor of Comedy Central's hit TV show, Kroll Show -- Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c.

Here’s a Couple of Arizona Frat Guys Acting Like Complete Douche Hardasses

I can't really explain what's going on in this video because I have no clue. I'm not sure I really want to know, either, since

Girls Are Assholes, a Hilarious Video about How Nice Guys Can’t Win

Nice guys finish last, especially in this new video from NOKAT Comedy.

It’s Not a ‘Bro’ Problem, It’s a Douche Problem: How Do You Change a Douche-Dominated Culture?

A few weeks ago, I was quoted in a Buzzfeed article about why bros hate cargo shorts: "Cargo shorts have been super-stigmatized as trashy and

5 Easily Spottable Douchebags At The Bar

The term has become so ubiquitous that it’s hard to define exactly what being a douchebag entails anymore. So many different types and subdivisions of

5 Simple Steps to Not Being a Total Asshole

Listen: You're an asshole. It's who you are. But lately you look around and you see your fellow men peacefully coexisting with one another --

Dude with a Jaguar Parks Like a Douche, Gets What’s Coming to Him

Says the uploader: "Sick of this guy taking up two spots every day, so we showed him you actually can still fit another car beside

‘Everyone is an Asshole’

No matter how hard you try to deny it, you are an asshole. Yes, YOU, the person on the otherside of this Internet post. College

20 Most Egotistical Things Athletes Have Ever Done

Michael Jordan could fill out 15 of these...

7 New Breeds of Douchebag

I loved this list from College Humor. Here at BroBible, we're hit up EVERY FREAKIN WEEK with someone promoting their "hot" and "gamechanging" new Kickstarter

Wall Street Douchebags Attempt to Cheat Broker Out of Deal, Get Blasted Online

It's tough to feel a ton of sympathy for real estate brokers, who are, to put it bluntly, overpaid. But you've got to feel for

5 Guys You Shouldn’t Be At The Game

Don't be a douche... 

5 Ways You’re Accidentally Making Everyone Hate You

Have you recently had friends, co-workers, or strangers suddenly get pissed off at you for what seemed like no reason at all? Maybe you told

Watch a Douche Get Knocked Out for Being… a Douche

The best part easily comes from the dog licking the knocked out guy. He should have peed on him too.

The CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch Has Some Seriously Douchy Rules for His Private Jet

Michael Jeffries, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, has a $50 million corporate jet. He also has a very peculiar set rules for his Gulfstream

The 10 Most Cliché Facebook Profile Photos

Facebook has become the ultimate outlet for self-expression. What I've learned for hours of countless FB stalking and shady messaging is that people don't have

10 Types of Douchebags Chicks Always Fall For and Why (Plus Their Female Equivalents)

(Editor's Note: For the second week in a row we've found some gold in the Brommunity. We love that; make our jobs easier. So if

Bro vs. Douchebag: Cole Hamels vs Bryce Harper Edition

The old game of Bro vs. Douchebag never seems to get old, so here's our SB Nation blogger extraordinaires Matt Ufford and Ben

Bro vs. Douchebag: Breaking Down Which NFL Quarterbacks are Bros or Douchebags

Our friends at SB Nation passed along this brotastic video of Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein breaking down the bro-ness of Mark Sanchez,

A Masters Win for Tiger Woods Would Be Win for Bros Everywhere

I remember exactly where I was the moment Tiger Woods became personally relevant. It was on the golf course at Kingsmill resort in Williamsburg, and

Douchebag Siri: An Honest Version of the Annoying Apple iPhone Rock God Commercial

There's no commercial on TV quite as obnoxious as the iPhone Siri commercial where some egotistical teenage d-bag asks his iPhone to call

GALLERY: 50 D-Bags and Partyers a Bad Teacher Would Give an ‘A’ To

Nothing shows off a naughty, naughty moment like a well-snapped photograph that’s massively distributed throughout the Internet. Whoever said “a picture speaks a thousand words"