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10 Guys You Should Never Aspire to Be Like When You Go Out at Night

There's nothing better than getting dressed, jumping in a car packed full of your best buds and heading to a club overflowing with sexy, fun,

Fred Durst is Getting his Own Sitcom on CBS. No Really.

Do you ever sit up at night and wonder, "What's Fred Durst up to?" Yea me either, but for the six of you who are

The ‘BBC Human Planet: The Douche’ Spoof is Worth Watching

We've showed you clips of the BBC's Human Planet, which will probably go down as the best pound-for-pound doc*mentry miniseries of the year. However, the

Is Aaron Rodgers Really a Callous Douchebag Who Ignores Autograph Requests from Cancer Patients?

When it comes to professional athletes, I've always believed Aaron Rodgers to be a decent guy who likes to occasionally party with spicy brunette smoke