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It’s Not a ‘Bro’ Problem, It’s a Douche Problem: How Do You Change a Douche-Dominated Culture?

A few weeks ago, I was quoted in a Buzzfeed article about why bros hate cargo shorts: "Cargo shorts have been super-stigmatized as trashy and

Rate Swaggy Bro Justin Bieber’s Outfit at Tonight’s Miami Heat Game

Via our friends at Guyism, here's a wonderful screencap of Swaggy Bro of the Century, Justin Bieber, sitting courtside at tonight's Eastern Conference Championship Game.

5 Ways You’re Accidentally Making Everyone Hate You

Have you recently had friends, co-workers, or strangers suddenly get pissed off at you for what seemed like no reason at all? Maybe you told

Oxford Dictionary Added ‘Douche’ and Tons of Other New Words, So I Used Them All In a Short Story

I got to tell ya, I thank God every time these dictionaries come out saying that words are now OFFICIALLY WORDS. I've felt so dirty,

Douchebag Siri: An Honest Version of the Annoying Apple iPhone Rock God Commercial

There's no commercial on TV quite as obnoxious as the iPhone Siri commercial where some egotistical teenage d-bag asks his iPhone to call

GALLERY: 50 D-Bags and Partyers a Bad Teacher Would Give an ‘A’ To

Nothing shows off a naughty, naughty moment like a well-snapped photograph that’s massively distributed throughout the Internet. Whoever said “a picture speaks a thousand words"

Is Aaron Rodgers Really a Callous Douchebag Who Ignores Autograph Requests from Cancer Patients?

When it comes to professional athletes, I've always believed Aaron Rodgers to be a decent guy who likes to occasionally party with spicy brunette smoke