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7 Things to Not Bring to Your Dorm Freshman Year

Don't make rookie mistakes, even though you are a rookie.

How To Know If Your Roommate Sucks, Freshman Year Edition

So you’re a freshman and you’re just about to start college. Hell to the fucking yeah. We will cheers to that! College is literally the

10 Confessions You Never Want to Make to Your Parents About Your College Life

The end of the school year will be here before you know it, which means the fraternity flags will be coming down and the bongs

8 Scientific Principles of Your Dorm

Sock on the door! Sock on the door! Being sexiled happens...

7 Reasons Why Studying Is Better Than Sex (Allegedly), Plus Today’s Fix

Hmmmm.... Not really sure we agree with you here. Via, though I'm sure each point is highly debatable. 

10 Things that Will End Up in a Freshman Dorm

As the middle of August comes around and college kids everywhere are going back to school, BroBible is taking a look at some college topics.

George Mason University Dining Felt Compelled to Release a Rap Video, Call It ‘I’m Eating’

Do you go to George Mason University? Do you eat? Well, this is for you. Presented without comment because, well, you’re sure to

Check Out This UC-Berkeley Student’s RIDICULOUS Automated Dorm, Complete with Avicii LED Light Show

WOW. The dorm room of the future has arrived. It's complete with an Electric Daisey Carnival-worthy light show, a "romantic mode" to set

Here’s A Dorm Hall Slip’N Slide That Someone Sent US

We like it when you guys send us your pictures and videos. For example, that University of Maryland knockout from last night? Pure

The 21 Most Cliche Dorm-Room Posters (Part 2)

To see the first 11 most cliched dorm-room posters of all time, click here.