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5 Ways Dorm Life Is Like Prison Life

I gotta be honest, I’ve never actually been to jail. I don’t really plan on going either.

10 Things that Will End Up In Every Freshman Dorm

I can almost guarantee you that these ten things end up in your dorm whether you plan it or not.

University of Kentucky Police Officer Fired After Entering Student’s Dorm Room

Remember this man? How could you forget him? There is a development in the story.

University of Kentucky Student Records a Heated Confrontation with the Police In His Dorm Room

I was thrown off by the Virginia Tech hoodie too, but Reddit tells us this incident occurred at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. 

Check Out This UC-Berkeley Student’s RIDICULOUS Automated Dorm, Complete with Avicii LED Light Show

WOW. The dorm room of the future has arrived. It's complete with an Electric Daisey Carnival-worthy light show, a "romantic mode" to set

Loud Sex Leaves Everyone in Dorm Butthurt; Soap Opera Ends Up on Reddit (Pics)

Poor Tony. It's bad enough that the whole floor very publically hears him "ravage some unknown sl*t like deprived monkeys with banana flavored lube." But

Ohio University Bro Puts Hot Tub in His Dorm Room, School Reacts Typically

“There is no place in the housing handbook that said my hot tub was not allowed,” student Kevin Lenahan said. “My hot tub heater is

Enter the ‘My Dorm Room is a Sh*t Hole’ Contest

Thanksgiving break is so close you can taste the cylindrical cranberry sauce, finals are still mercifully a few weeks off, and your dorm room is

10 Rules for Dorm Life

All right freshmen Bros, your probably moving into your dorm right now, getting a feel for this stranger that you are going to be living

What Items Do You Wish You Had (or Didn’t Have) in Your Freshman Dorm Room?

With orientation in full swing on college campuses across the country, thousands of freshmen are moving into their dorms this week. Which got us wondering