roll tide

Alabama Fan Screams ‘Roll Tide’ While Doing Some Sick Donuts On Local News


Let's check in on Alabama fans and see how they're doing now that it's the dead of winter and the college football season is a long way off.

krispy kreme

Krispy Kreme Wants You To Celebrate ‘KKK Wednesday’ And Somewhere An Intern Just Got Fired

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Krispy Kreme is in damage control mode after they launched a social media campaign for the 'Krispy Kreme Klub Wednesdays', but instead of saying that they decided to with with the more succinct 'KKK Wednesdays'.

food porn

The Pop-Tart Donut Is Something I Wish I Didn’t Know Existed


This is a drawback to the job (prepare for a long waaaaaa) but sometimes information passes my screen and I think "well I wish I didn't know about that" but it's usually some awful news story and I'm able to block it out.

national superhero day

Krispy Kreme celebrates National Superhero Day with free doughnuts


We've covered a lot of random fake holidays on which you don't actually get anything, but National Superhero Day is April 28th, and Krispy Kreme is heroically giving a free dozen doughnuts to everyone.


Well-Dressed Man Throws Hot Coffee At A Donut Shop Employee Over $2


The dispute here was whether or not the man had paid the $2.


Kid tells the truth about donuts in school essay


A lot of people love a good doughnut, myself included.

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