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Girl In Bikini Takes Taser Like A Champ For Charity

Very confused by this video, which claims all the weirdos in the room donated $100 to charity to watch this girl in a bikini get

Live from the Apollo: Police Use Taser, Peanut Gallery Weighs In

There’s nothing like a good tazing. The best part of this six-minute ordeal in front of the Apollo, however, is definitely the crowd’s

If You Ask a Cop to ‘Taser Me, Bro,’ He Will Indeed Taser You, Bro

Remember the old adage, "Watch what you wish for because you just might get it," well, yeah, this idiot never heard of it.

Watch a Man Get Tased by the Police Outside an Alabama Wal-Mart

This is rich. Anthony Scott Smith and his wife, Chrisanna Elizabeth Smith, were shopping in a Foley, Alabama Wal-Mart last Friday when they noticed a