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Don’t Go to Trump University

In case you were thinking about matriculating at for-profit college Trump University this year... don't?

Donald Trump Gets His Ass Handed To Him in Twitter Beef by ‘Modern Family’ Writer

Sometimes there's nothing better than a good old fashioned game of Poke The Bear...with terrible hair.

Stupid Troll Donald Trump Spent Today Taking Pissy Shots at Mac Miller

Breaking: Donald Trump is a toupeed dweeb who's once again trolling on Twitter. But first, some background... 

Donald Trump Responds to Deadspin’s ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Tweet, Calls Website ‘Losers’ For Doing Job

I guess Donald Trump didn't take very kindly when told to "f*ck off" by a sports blog yesterday. 

Deadspin Tells Donald Trump to Go F*ck Himself, Because We Can All Agree The Donald Is a Troll

This exchange wins Twitter today. On the heels of breaking the most bizarre sports story in a long time, Donald J. Trump offered his congratulations

Mark Cuban and Donald Trump Had a Dick-Measuring Contest on Twitter Last Night

As far as I'm concerned, after this petty pissing match on Twitter these two are now OBLIGATED to individually donate $5 million to Hurricane Sandy

Mark Cuban Challenges Donald Trump, Pledges to Donate One Million Dollars if the Donald…

Is the anticipation killing you?

The 9 Biggest Heroes and Zeroes of Hurricane Sandy

I live in NYC. I think I lost power around 8:30 pm on Monday night but who knows, the loss of my iPhone has made

Stephen Colbert Counters Donald Trump’s Proposition to the President With a Proposition of His Own

Since Donald Trump made his $5 million proposition to President Obama yesterday, Stephen Colbert wanted to offer something of his own to Trump. He is

Stephen Colbert’s Take on Donald Trump is Predictably Hilarious

Professional gasbag Donald Trump refuses to give up his birther crusade. He recently got into a heated argument with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and a Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. and His Brother Went Hunting and Shot a Bunch of Big Game On an African Safari

The Donald's two sons, Donald Jr. (of "Celebrity Apprentice" fame) and Eric, recently went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe, where they shot a

The Donald Loves Mac Miller, Do You?

Recently Mac Miller's 'Donald Trump' video surpassed 20 million views on YouTube. It's no Rebecca Black, but those are some solid numbers. We've known

Heroes, Husky Kids, and Helmet Hair Headline Our Bro of the Week

These Bro of the Week columns are never easy to compile. With the NCAA Tournament kicking off this week made it particularly hard. Like a

A Comeback Kid Takes Bro of the Week Honors

Time to gather the best of the best from the last week and count down to one victorious bastard, who will be crowned our Bro