Ultimate Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookie Pizza from Pizza Hut slaps Domino’s right in the face


Pizza Hut unveils a new Cookie Pizza just as Domino's is bragging about how theirs was a failure.

specialty pizza

Taste testing Dominos new pizza topped chicken


  Dominos Pizza is taking chicken in a new direction with their pizza-topped Specialty Chicken.

xbox pizza hut

$1 million in Pizza Hut Xbox sales; Dominos adds Ford Sync App


It only took fourth months for gamers to buy $1 million worth of Pizza Hut through the Xbox app.


This Four-Minute Video of Domino Tricks Is the Most Memorizing Video of the Day


Hevesh5 and Millionendollarboy present to us today a fantastic video of dominos falling down.


Imagine a World Where Domino’s Uses Drones to Deliver Your Pizza


Can't wait to live in a world that looks like a scene from Minority Report, complete with UAV's swarming above my neighborhood with food delivery orders.

watch your pizza being made

Domino’s Live lets you watch pizza being made


I love Domino's Pizza Tracker, but Domino's Live takes things the next level.

tuna melt remix

A-Trak ‘Tuna Melt’ music video features absurd domino setup


People who complain about a lack of music videos on TV need to spend more time on YouTube.


Domino’s delivery guy gets girl’s number from work, sends the worst texts


A Domino's employee was fired after sending texts to a girl he delivered a pizza to, getting her number from the company's database.

weird japan

Watch over 1,000 Japanese Nintendo games used as dominoes


It took supposedly five hours of prep time to turn these hundreds of Nintendo games into the equivalent of dominoes, though one has to wonder how much time could have been shaved off if whomever didn't also have to blow into the cartridges.

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