christy mack

Christy Mack Tweeted Progress Photos And An Update About Her Recovery


Twitter It's been just over a month since adult film star Christy Mack was allegedly abused by her ex-boyfriend Jon Koppenhaver a.

ray rice

Chris Brown Has Some Advice For Ray Rice, And It’s Actually Good


Chris Brown, the man behind the reason Thursday Night Football had to change it's opening song last night, sat down for an interview in which he gave troubled Ravens running back Ray Rice, and others, some advice when it comes to dealing with anger and the potential for domestic violence.


CBS’s James Brown’s Powerful Statement Regarding Domestic Violence Should Be Heard By All


CBS Countless, video-less incidents of domestic violence couldn't get the NFL to this point.


Can we talk about Chris Brown’s new tattoo?


Did nobody tell him that this was a bad idea.

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