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6 Ways to Be a Gym Hater, By the Always Insightful Dom Mazzetti

Hating is therapeutic. Maybe?

Follow These 10 Fitness Celebs Online If You Want to Take Your Body to the Next Level

Without the advice, guidance and inspiration of the internet’s greatest fitness celebrities, we’d all be 100lb weaklings.

Will CrossFit Make You Better in the Bedroom? Dom Mazzetti Answers That And More

Prepare to learn as much from this video as you learned in 4 years of college.

How to Take Your Shirt Off In Public, According to Shirt Removal Expert, and Renowned Lothario, Dom Mazzetti

Do you even take your shirt off, Bro?

Dom Mazzetti vs. the 4th of July

Just like every Bro, the 4th of July is Dom Mazzetti's favorite holiday.

Dom Mazzetti Expertly Stereotypes ‘Fitness Chicks’

Fitness chicks. Prepare to expertly stereotyped.

How to Find a Gym Buddy (w/Dom Mazzetti)

Lifting weights is better with a gym buddy at your side. Or so says Dom Mazzetti.

The Pros and Cons of Taking Steroids

A lot of compelling arguments here.

Should Guys Ever Go to a Tanning Salon? Dom Mazzetti Answers That And More

Tanning salon visits, hashtags to use with your gym selfies, morning wood and more are all discussed in Dom Mazzetti's eight edition of Ask the

How to Get Hyped for a Lift, with Dom Mazzetti

You can follow Dom Mazzetti's advice on how to get hyped for a lift or you can just throw on the Rocky 4 training montage,

Evolution of the Lifting Man, by Dom Mazzetti

This is scary accurate.

What Meatheads Make As Their New Year’s Resolutions (w/Dom Mazzetti)

Meatheads are always in shape, so when it's time to make a New Year's resolution what do they do? What do they resolve to improve in their

Gym Buddy Problems with Dom Mazzetti

Gym Buddies: You can't lift with them, you can't lift without them. Or can you? 

12 Burning Fitness Questions Answered by Dom Mazzetti

Not only does Dom answer your fitness questions, he also teaches you how to make the ultimate protein shake using common household products.

Phone Etiquette In The Gym with Dom Mazzetti

"Aside from porn, music is the best use of your phone in the gym" -Dom Mazzetti. 

How To Pack for EDC

Going to EDC? If yes, then you'll need this vital information to survive it.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Snapchat

Snapchat 101, with Prof. Dom Mazzetti.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Spring Break Part 2

Dom did a lot of pontificating on that balcony when he went on Spring Break. So much so that he put out a second video

Dom Mazzetti’s Emergency Muscle Meals

Getting your muscles proper fuel when your on the go, or on the run from the authorities, can be a bitch. Good thing our man

Dom Mazzetti Hits Spring Break, But Not Before He Achieves a Substantial Pump

Dom Mazzetti is on Spring Break. He knows that a pre-pool pump is necessary so he brought his own Ab Coaster. 

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Want to Become a Viral Video Star

Sure, it would be SICK if that sh*t went viral. But would it really be that sick? Here are seven reasons why viral fame may

Dom Mazzetti vs. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Dom Mazzetti gets introspective waxing about his FOMO, a.k.a. the fear of missing out. Don't worry Dom, we'll still rip shots with you. 

Dom Mazzetti vs. Hurricane Sandy

Our favorite native New Jerseyan (not you, Bruce Springsteen) has some not-so-nice words for Hurricane Sandy. 

Dom Mazzetti vs. Halloween

Dom is back just in time for Halloween. "Keep calm and f*ck dinos."

Dom Mazzetti Sings the Greatest Hits

Dom Mazzetti is vocally gifted. Who knew? His renditions somehow make these songs even catchier. Just a thing of beauty right here.

Dom Mazzetti vs. The Friend Zone

This week Dom talks about the inescapable shell known as the friend zone. Check it!

Dom Mazzetti vs. Prom Weekend

Dom Mazzetti celebrates one last Prom Weekend in Seaside.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Gym Buddies

New Dom! Check it out and sh*t. 

Video: Ask Dom Mazzetti

Our boy Dom Mazzetti finally filmed a video answering some viewer Tweets. "Sick-as-hell anemia" needs to be a thing.

Dom Mazzetti’s Best of 2011

Our boy Dom Mazzetti had a huge 2011, so he fittingly compiled a nearly 10-minute long "Best Of" reel to recap year. Check

Dom Mazzetti vs. Single Girls ft. Jenna Marbles

Dom has some things to say about newly single girls...

Dom Mazzetti Vs. Rolling Deep

Dom has some wise words of wisdom about rolling deep with your boys.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Bad Hook Ups

Mike and Gian are back with a new Dom Mazzetti and this week, everyone's favorite ignoramus goes hogging. 

Dom Mazzetti vs. Freshmen

It has been a few weeks but Mike and Gian are back with their latest Dom Mazzetti video. And yes, this time Dom's gone to

Dom Mazzetti vs Casey Anthony

In his 22nd installment, Dom puts Casey Anthony back on trial. Spoiler Alert: like most people, he hates the c*nt too (that word

Video: Dom Mazzetti vs. Guidos

In this week's installment, Dom Mazzetti finally tackles Guidos and everything they do to help them achieve their delusions of adequacy. Hmm, and all this

Video: Dom Mazzetti vs. Teen Pregnancies

In this installment Dom becomes a father to a new baby boy/ box of forks, Dom Jr. As to how he become a father: "I

Video: Dom Mazzetti Breaks Down Memorial Day Weekend

Our dear friend Dom is back. This time his preachings take him from the Rapture (I want that word banned at least until the Oct

Dom Mazzetti On Graduating From College

Dom Mazzetti, our favorite Monster Energy-chugging, pasta primavera-eating YouTube meathead, finally got around to graduating college. Let's hear him reminisce about the best four five

Dom Mazzetti Studies for Finals

  It's that time of year when college kids are eating adderall and studying for finals. Thankfully, our favorite meathead from Arizona State University, Dom Mazzetti,