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How to Take Your Shirt Off In Public, According to Shirt Removal Expert, and Renowned Lothario, Dom Mazzetti

Do you even take your shirt off, Bro?

Dom Mazzetti Expertly Stereotypes ‘Fitness Chicks’

Fitness chicks. Prepare to expertly stereotyped.

How to Find a Gym Buddy (w/Dom Mazzetti)

Lifting weights is better with a gym buddy at your side. Or so says Dom Mazzetti.

The Pros and Cons of Taking Steroids

A lot of compelling arguments here.

Should Guys Ever Go to a Tanning Salon? Dom Mazzetti Answers That And More

Tanning salon visits, hashtags to use with your gym selfies, morning wood and more are all discussed in Dom Mazzetti's eight edition of Ask the

Evolution of the Lifting Man, by Dom Mazzetti

This is scary accurate.

What Your Gym Gear Says About You

I think it's only appropriate to take this specific moment in time to thank a guy from the gym in my hometown who indirectly inspired me to never use any

Ask the Brofessor 6 With 2014 Presidential Candidate Dom Mazzetti

It's the eve before the eve of Christmas and Dom Mazzetti has surprisingly graced us with a new video of him answering (sort of) fan quesitons

‘Do You Even Lift?’ (w/Dom Mazzetti) Asks If What You Do At the Gym Even Counts As Lifting

As it turns out, I'm definitely not lifting. I mean, I am lifting, but not according to Dom Mazzetti, the Internet's foremost authority on fitness and

What Is CrossFit? Dom Mazzetti Has The Answer

A few weeks ago we published an article about a guy who not only switched to Crossfit, but loved the fitness craze so much he

Dom Mazzetti May or May Not Have the Best Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe for the Fitness-Minded Bro

If you think it could ever be the former, then you've learned nothing from watching all these videos over the last few years. Which reminds

Don’t Be A Half Repper at the Gym (w/Dom Mazzetti)

Unless you're cool going through life as a half reppin' little bitch or something of similar ilk, like a half reppin' little twat or pussy, you

How to Bulk (With Internet Heartthrob Dom Mazzetti)

Yolked. Jacked. Swol. Diesel...you want it (maybe, some guys like having a neck and taking off a sweater without human assistance), Dom knows how to get

Not Sure What to Be For Halloween? Dom Mazzetti Can Help

After watching this video I have one regret: never dressing up as Lt. Dan for Halloween. I need to right this wrong immediately.

How to Use the Smith Machine With Dom Mazzetti

I just got back from vacation only to realize no one posted the latest Dom Mazzetti video while I was gone. Grave oversight, team. Thankfully,

How To Make The Ultimate Gym Playlist

Holy shit. This. Is. Accurate. 

How to Take a Selfie (w/ Dom Mazzetti)

Everyone wins when you post a topless selfie accompanied by a flurry of hashtags (#Yolked, #TeamNoLegs, #SwoleAsDick) on Instagram. And by "everyone" we of course

How To Skip Leg Day at the Gym

Simple: stop wearing shorts. FOREVER. 

Dom Mazzetti: Ask the Brofessor Part 4

You've got questions about your FIT-NASSSSSS, Dom's got answers -- making him the Radio Shack of online fitness persons.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Twitter Questions

Every once in a while Dom Mazzetti sits down on his black leather couch and answers fan mail. This is one of those once-in-a-whiles.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Vine

Come for Dom, stay for Gian's constant reflection in the picture. Hey! LIKE BroBible on Facebook here.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Street Workouts (With Gigantic Human Being Kali Muscle)

This week Dom hits the park with a a man who knows a thing or ten about muscular hypertrophy, Kali Muscle,

Dom Mazzetti vs Locker Room Etiquette

Old men who gallivant their old balls and un-trimmed pubes around the locker room should be banned from the gym...and life.

Dom Mazzetti vs. Working Out Calves

Small calves, the reason Jesus invented pants. 

Ask the Brofessor Part 2: Dom Mazzetti Answers Fitness Questions, Uses Gun to Shoot Coke Up His Nose

We're lead to believe that the gun helps the cocaine get to the bloodstream more efficiently resulting in a better, crazier pump at the gym.

Ask the Brofessor: Dom Mazzetti Hilariously Answers Fan Fitness Questions

For his latest Bro Science, Dom opened up his mailbag and answered fan questions. Then bench pressed the ocean and did some muscle ups.

8 Common Rookie Mistakes at the Gym

Using a Blender Bottle (When Not In the Gym) = O.K. 

Dom Mazzetti vs. The Pros and Cons of Drinking Alcohol While Trying to Get in Shape

Drinking booze is a common activity in most Bros' lives. Giving it up for the mere sake of fitness is always a tough decision. Is

Dom Mazzetti vs Spring Break 2013

A few weeks ago we showed you Dom's tips on how to get your pre-pool pump on in his BroScience channel, today Dom talks about

Dom Mazzetti’s Emergency Muscle Meals

Getting your muscles proper fuel when your on the go, or on the run from the authorities, can be a bitch. Good thing our man

Dom Mazzetti vs. Grunting at the Gym

This is just like my opinion and shit, but I think this might be the best Bro Science to date. He nailed all the stereotypes

Dom Mazzetti vs. Asking For a Spot at the Gym

When your Bro spots you at the gym, try not to make him deadlift the weight off your chest. Also, hope his spotting methods aren't

Dom Mazzetti vs. The Harlem Shake

Glad to see Dom was able to jump on the Harlem Shake train before it left the station, which will hopefully happen any day now. 

How to Hit On a Girl at the Gym

Bros constantly write into the Ask a Bro mailbag asking me how to pick up chicks at the gym. I think I've answered it a

Dom Mazzetti vs. Frat (ft. Total Frat Movie)

In which Dom hilariously auditions for a role in "Total Frat Movie."

Dom Mazzetti vs. One Night Stands

In this latest episode of "Dom vs." Dom evaluates his latest one-night stand. God bless one-night stands. God bless the ever-loving shit out of them. 

Dom Mazzetti’s Extreme Pump Secrets: Home Edition

 This week Dom tackles the at-home pump because like the rest of us, eighty percent of his day is spent worrying that he's looking flat.

100 Ways To Say ‘Jacked’ with Dom Mazzetti

What, no Muscles Malone? Thought for sure he'd make the grade. 

Dom Mazzetti Does ‘DOMbell Curls’: It’s a Pump Thing

Dom is back with another edition of his new weekly web series "Bro Science." This week he's tackling biceps, a muscle group that often gets

Dom Mazzetti: Whey Too Much Brotein, A Lesson On How to Choose the Best Man Fuel

FACT: Dom's protein shaker > Every protein shaker you've ever used. Also, something is going on with that chalkboard in the background, a penis shows