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Former Navy SEAL Sniper Discusses ‘Combat Dolphins’ Trained To Headbutt Enemies With Gas Needles


At some point or another we've all heard tale of 'combat dolphins', dolphins that the US Military have trained and weaponized in some form or another.


Happiness thy name is this dolphin having sex with a decapitated fish


As BroBible points out, dolphins are one of the only other animals in the world that, like humans, have sex for pleasure.

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Dolphin Having Sex with Headless Fish Corpse Set to James Bond Music Is Your Video of the Day


It has been said by science that dolphins and humans are the only two mammals that have sex for pleasure.


Watch this little girl’s dreams of being a dolphin trainer go up in smoke


We all had dreams as children that were probably unrealistic.

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And Now a Very Brief Video of a Dolphin Humping a Girl


Look at how many people have watched this.


Adorable dolphin sexually assaults girl (adorably?)


This is a video of a dolphin emerging from the water with the SOLE PURPOSE (pun not intended but a joyous discovery all the same) of dry humping some girl.

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So, Wakesurfing with Dolphins is an Awesome New Bucket List Item


If you're in the habit of keeping a bucket list, here's an item to add: Surfing the wake of a boat with frolicking, happy dolphins.


This is Why You Don’t Get in the Water at an Russian Oceanarium Dolphin Show


Note of the man in the white shirt, who decided to go swimming with the dolphins at a Russian oceanarium.


9 of the most secretly badass animals

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Everyone knows the alphas on the badass animal chain: jungle cats, bears, sharks, and the like.

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