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VIDEO: This Dog Really Wanted to Fuck This Other Dog

Like, really.

Nothing Will Ever Top This Slow-Motion Video of a Dog Jumping on to a Couch and Failing

I mean, not nothing. Something will top it. Probably something tomorrow. But it's still good.

The New Brewers Mascot Hank the Dog Won Opening Day

Hank the Dog is the Mike Trout of 2014.

This Two-Legged Dog Running on the Beach Is the Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

This puppy's zest for life is truly special. This two-legged boxer is named Duncan Lou Who.

You Have Never Been as Happy as This Dog Who Was Just Rescued

What you need to know about this video is that it's confusing as hell and dogs are fucking awesome.

Dogs Reacting to Magic Tricks Is Just the Right Amount of Adorableness You Need in Your Life Right Now


I Can’t Stop Watching This Ultra-Slow Motion Video of Dogs Drinking Water

Probably the most fascinating video I’ve watched this week. Turns out dogs form a little cup with their tongues when [...]



Heroic Vets Save a Dog’s Life By Forcing It to Drink Vodka

Is there anything vodka can't do? Well, besides make good decisions...

Idiotic College Kids Arrested For Posting Photo of Dog Doing Kegstand

How can you be this dumb?

This Fucking Pug Took on a SWAT Team and Won

Pug FTW.

VIDEO: These Dogs Fucking Love McDonald’s Ice Cream

These dogs. They love ice cream.

Arizona Neighborhood Terrorized by Packs of Abandoned Chihuahuas

Phoenix has been overrun by packs of feral chihuahuas. In the past year alone, the city’s animal care and control [...]

Dog of the Year Invades Soccer Game, Takes a Dump

It was a banner weekend for animals invading the soccer pitch. First we had a rogue rooster going full Benny [...]

Here’s a Stray Dog Barking at Olympic Cross Country Skiers in Sochi

As you know, Sochi has a big stray dog problem. That said, I can’t help but think these cross-country skiers [...]

This Dog Really, Really Badly Wants a Tennis Ball It Can Never Have

Silly dogs! That tennis ball is on TV! 

Today in Horrible Olympic News: Russia Is Poisoning All the Stray Dogs in Sochi

Oh, you thought the news out of Sochi couldn't get worse?

Dog Plays Deer in Soccer, Everyone Wins

If that headline doesn't pique your curiosity, nothing will. Both of these animals should be commended for not taking a dive and being colorblind. The

This Dog Does an Incredible Impression of a Siren

Siren dog is taking over the Internet today, you guys.

Watch Puppies Open Christmas Presents, Because Why the Hell Else Are You on the Internet Today?

Seriously though, what else are you doing to do today on the Internet? It's 1:30 PM and I'm still in a bathrobe, sipping lukewarm coffee.

Here’s a GIF of a Monkey Riding a Dog While Herding Sheep at a Football Game

I've seen this done at minor league baseball games, but never a professional football one. 

Allow This Adorable Dog to Show You What True Christmas Happiness Looks Like

Ah, a dog's life... 

This Baby Husky Puppy Learning How to Howl Is Just About the Best Thing Ever

This video has been blowing up the Internet this weekend. For good reason, too: This baby husky puppy is only 20 days old, but it's

Bro Idol Bill Clinton Says ‘Obama is Luckier Than A Dog With Two Dicks’

Is that a lucky thing? I think it would be more of an inconvenience than anything. But who am I to doubt Bill Clinton?

The Most Chill Dog In the World Just Loves Crunchy Grooves

This video is two years ago, but thanks to some repromotion on social media, it's going mad viral today because it's mad hella dope. Just

When Local News Banter Goes Wrong: The Little Wiener Edition

How would she know? HOW WOULD SHE KNOW? Someone please alert the human resources department. 

Watching Dogs Surf is a Good Way to End Your Work Day

I mean, it’s a dog surfing competition. It shouldn’t require the hard sell with words and whatnot. 

This Dog Looks Exactly Like Vladimir Putin

I can't stop laughing.

Amazing Dog Collar Commercial Features Raver Dogs That Are Business In the Front, Party In the Back

This commercial for the Dog-E-Glow collar made my day. I hate to ruin it for you, but there's a dog rave at the end that steals

This is the Best Dog Vine You Will Ever See

Bros love dogs. Dogs love ridin' dirty. Match made in heaven if you ask us. 

Soldier Returns to Cat After Six Months Overseas, in Faith-Restoring Video

These videos always really tug the heartstrings, you know? A soldier gone away to do his duty, his pet dutifully waiting at home for his

Have Your Faith In Humanity Restored After Watching Dog See Owner After 6 Months Overseas

There's nothing more heartwarming than America's heroes and man's best friend taking the spotlight like this. The reuniting of LT Gary Daugherty and his dog

Watch Digg Founder Kevin Rose Save His Dog by Absolutely Destroying a Raccoon

Kevin Rose co-founded Digg, works as a partner in Google's venture capitalist firm, and is worth $8 million. The coolest thing he's ever done,

Watch a Badass Documentary About an 80-Year-Old Dude Who Lives with Wild Wolves

Eighty-year-old German Bro Werner Freund has been living with wild wolves in Germany for the last 30 years. The Internet sherpas over at Vice made

Why Big Dogs Are The Best Damn Dogs In The World

Anyone remember Big Dog t-shirts? You know, the ones you get a beach boardwalk t-shirt shops? I don't know why, but this video

Watch a Brutal Video of a Police Officer Shooting Owner’s Dog Right in Front of Him

This video set the Internet ablaze last night, in a way few police brutality surveillance videos have. These things happen when a dog is shot

BAD DOG Almost Causes Massive Crash During Tour de France

This is why you don’t bring your dog to watch the Tour de France. Old Fido here almost became roadkill after it ran out in

David Price’s Dog Pooped on Tropicana Field

No one would have noticed, but the fireballer decided to tweet out the graphic image. Very sensible.

Argentinian Soccer Player Picks Up Stray Dog and Throws it Against Fence, Is Wildly Unpopular

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you. You’re playing a game of soccer and a small dog runs out onto the pitch. Do you A) gently

Woman Throws Rocks at Reporter, Then Outsources Job to Her Pit Bulls

Providence’s ABC affiliate, WLNE, sent a reporter and cameraman to get reaction from the mother of a shooting victim. Things did NOT go well. The