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Look How Fast This Dog Can Walk On His Front Two Legs

He's world record good.

Hey Look, These Dogs Are Swimming in a Water Park!

Yap yap swim. Swim swim yap.

This Dog Has No Idea What a Dial-Up Modem Is

Stupid puppies need the most attention.

This Is What a German Shepherd With Dwarfism Looks Like

Adorable. Duh.

Let This All Puppy Pool Party Cure Your Monday Blues

Good dog content.

The ‘Levitating Weiner’ Trick Is a Great Way to Torment Your Dog

This is a delight.

Does Your State Love Cats or Dogs? This Map Delivers the Harsh Reality

This map is officially under protest.

Hahahah Fuck Your Purebred Dog

Not like, literally, dude. Gross.

El Paso Chihuahuas Will Take Name Too Literally, Wear These Jerseys

Not subtle.

This Is What ‘Independence Day’ Would Look Like If It Was Made On A Budget Of 30 Cents…And The Actors Were All Pugs

Because why the fuck not.

Look What Happens When You Give a Dog 100 Balls to Play With

He's a very happy boy.

Video: This Dog Eats Corn on the Cob Like People

Internet video perfection.

Like Game of Thrones? Like Dogs? Well, Then…

Dorne? More like dog.

Hey Look, It’s the World’s Ugliest Dog

It looks like your mom.

World’s Worst Girlfriend Sold Her Boyfriend’s Dog on Craigslist While He Was Deployed to Afghanistan

This is all kinds of fucked.

VIDEO: Jack Russell Terrier Gives No Fucks About a Deadly Cobra In His Yard

Jack Russell? More like Kurt Russell with these fighting moves.

BASE Jumping Dog Is the World’s Coolest Pet


The Heartwarming Story of a Soldier Who Adopted the Dog That Saved His Life

Bravo to National Georgraphic for capturing an incredible story that might make you cry.

10 Signs You’re Not Ready to Own a Dog

11. You like cats.

Miley Cyrus Wrote a Beautiful, Sad and Poignant Note About Her Dog Passing Away

Beautiful, in the worst way.

VIDEO: Amazing Cat Saves Boy From Attacking Dog

Supercat, protector of the realm.

This Dog Sucks at Catching Treats (in Slow Motion)

Look at this guy.

Just a Couple of Bulldogs Chasing a Bear Out of Their Yard


6 Muscle-Blasting Workouts You Can Do With Your Dog

Let man's best friend help you get huge.

This Is a Video About a German Man Who Lost His Virginity to His Dog

... alright.

This Dog Has No Time For Stupid People Shenanigans

He does not give a fuck.

VIDEO: This Dog Really Wanted to Fuck This Other Dog

Like, really.

Nothing Will Ever Top This Slow-Motion Video of a Dog Jumping on to a Couch and Failing

I mean, not nothing. Something will top it. Probably something tomorrow. But it's still good.

The New Brewers Mascot Hank the Dog Won Opening Day

Hank the Dog is the Mike Trout of 2014.

This Two-Legged Dog Running on the Beach Is the Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

This puppy's zest for life is truly special. This two-legged boxer is named Duncan Lou Who.

You Have Never Been as Happy as This Dog Who Was Just Rescued

What you need to know about this video is that it's confusing as hell and dogs are fucking awesome.

Dogs Reacting to Magic Tricks Is Just the Right Amount of Adorableness You Need in Your Life Right Now


I Can’t Stop Watching This Ultra-Slow Motion Video of Dogs Drinking Water

Probably the most fascinating video I’ve watched this week. Turns out dogs form a little cup with their tongues when […]



Heroic Vets Save a Dog’s Life By Forcing It to Drink Vodka

Is there anything vodka can't do? Well, besides make good decisions...

Idiotic College Kids Arrested For Posting Photo of Dog Doing Kegstand

How can you be this dumb?

This Fucking Pug Took on a SWAT Team and Won

Pug FTW.

VIDEO: These Dogs Fucking Love McDonald’s Ice Cream

These dogs. They love ice cream.

Arizona Neighborhood Terrorized by Packs of Abandoned Chihuahuas

Phoenix has been overrun by packs of feral chihuahuas. In the past year alone, the city’s animal care and control […]

Dog of the Year Invades Soccer Game, Takes a Dump

It was a banner weekend for animals invading the soccer pitch. First we had a rogue rooster going full Benny […]