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What If ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Was About A Bunch Of Horny Dachshunds?


I know it's insanely stupid, but fuck it: As a '90s child, I can't stop laughing at this Dawson's Creek voiceover being acted out by a bunch of Dachshunds.

hero dogs

Determined Puppy REALLY Wants To Pull Off This Girl’s Bikini Top (And Almost Succeeds)


I have no idea what possessed this little dog to try to get this rather attractive young woman's bikini top off, but whatever the reason he's a hero to dogs everywhere.


This Dog Doesn’t Give A Crap About Live TV, He’s Taking Over This Weather Report


Edmonton weatherman Mike Sobel had special guest for this weather report this week.

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This Army Sergeant Being Reunited With His Overjoyed Military Dog Gets ALL OF THE FEELS


I can't think of a better way to start one's day than watching an Army sergeant be reunited with his bomb-sniffing military dog at the airport on the day she's being retired from active duty.


You’re Going To Have To Punch A Wall To Feel Manly After Watching This Bulldog Puppy Try To Howl


You look at this wrinkly puppy and can't help but wonder: how did this tiny booger ever descent from a wolf.

Tug of war

This Wrinkly Puppy Sucks At Tug-Of-War And His Feeble Attempts To Tug Are Shameful


Listen up pooch, if you're going to try and tug like a man then you better bulk up.


This Chubby Corgi Puppy Couldn’t Be Any More Basic, Is Obsessed With Pumpkins


The narrative of being 'basic' meaning that a person is freakishly obsessed with pumpkins is getting a bit tired, but you can't deny this corgi puppy is obsessed, and that does in fact make him basic.


We’re Going Back In The Pile! Man Gets Dogpiled By Mob Of Tiny Pugs


Here we see an old man just living the dream: a whole pack of ravenous pug puppies who want nothing more than to crawl all over him.


Been Skydiving? If Not, Then This Little Skydiving Dachshund Definitely Has More Balls Than You


Some people shit their pants in fear at just the mere thought of skydiving, but not Riley the Skydiving Dachshund.

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