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Sweet Dog Loses Her Eyesight So Now Her Doggy Bros Help Her Out As Her Guide Dogs


Consider this Exhibit #89,163 that dogs are just the freaking best.


Watch This Dog Get Pulled From Deadly Colombian Mudslide And Brought Back To Life With CPR


Dozens of rescuers supported by Black Hawk helicopters are still searching for bodies in the aftermath of a massive flooding and mudslide in a small Colombian town of Salgar that claimed the lives of at least 80 people.


Heroic Army Vet Smashes Car Window To Save Overheated Dog, Gets Arrested


Michael Hammons, an Army veteran, was arrested in Athens, Georgia after he saved an overheated dog locked in a hot car by smashing the car's window to rescue it.

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Snoop Dogg’s Dog Has His Own Instagram, Is Surrounded By Enormous Breasts, May Or May Not Be A Slobbery Stoner


Snoop Dogg is nearing 5 million followers on Instagram, his son Cordell has 470,000 followers, but there's one member of the Dogg Pound that isn't getting the social media love he deserves: Juelz Broadus, Snoop's French Bulldog who has just a few thousand followers.


A Dog Crashed A Truck Into A Pool At 50 MPH Because Dogs Can’t Drive, Silly


Caroline, a sweet black Labrador, is being blamed for an accident in which her owners' truck was sent racing at speeds up to 50 mile per hour ending up lodged in someone's swimming pool.


This Fierce Puppy Is Fighting His First Hiccups, And He’s Trying To Bark And Growl Them Away


Meet Buck, he's an 8-week-old Australian Cattle Dog puppy who is currently undergoing an existential crisis.

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Police Officer Makes Woman Sit In Hot Car After Finding Her Dog Locked Inside At A Wal-Mart

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If you're like me, you absolutely hate it when you're in a public place and see a dog abandoned by his or her owner, especially if it's left locked in a car.

caught on camera

Watch All The Sneaky Stuff Dogs Do At Home When No One’s Watching Them


Sorry, cats, as much as you try, you'll never be as bro as dogs.

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World’s Laziest Dog Doesn’t Mind Being Hit Again And Again By An Automatic Doggie Door, Is Basically You


This dog's got no problem getting hit again and again with an automatic doggie door.

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Would You Blow $230,000 For A German Shepherd Guard Dog That Can Understand 3 Languages? Because I Wouldn’t


Look, if you’re so concerned about the security of your home that you’re willing to blow $230,000 on a highly-trained super watchdog rather than just figure out how to make a couple of pipe bombs with $30 and a trip to Home Depot, you’ve got way too much money on your hands.


New Study Reveals Dogs Can Detect Cancer With 98% Accuracy, Proving Once Again That Dogs Contribute More To Society Than I Do


It's a shitty thing to come to terms with but at this point I think it's safe to admit that dogs contribute more to society than I do.

dog plays ping pong

All I’m Watching Today Is This Amazing Ping Pong Playing Dog


While it took me years to teach my dog to not take a dump in my shoes, this super canine is playing ping pong.

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