15 fall seasonal craft beers with absolutely no pumpkin!


I like Cinderella's original car as much as the next guy, but it's too early for orange fruit beer.

zon wit

12 summer beers to try before they disappear


Summer beers are the best beers, mostly because they'll be gone in a matter of months.

ipa day

Woman leaves Dogfish Head a drunk voicemail


I'm sick of fake holidays like IPA Day, but this video from Dogfish Head is too good not to share.

top 10 breweries

2013 best beers, breweries, and portfolios in America


Zymurgy, the Journal of the American Homebrewers Association, polls readers every year to determine the best commercially available beers in America.

Sam Calagione

Dogfish Head 120-Minute IPA to be released in June


Dogfish Head 120-Minute IPA is almost ready to ship.

what beer to drink with

10 beers to drink while grilling this spring


Nothing says spring like standing over a grill and drinking a beer.

extreme beer fest

Dogfish Head and Beer Advocate team up for Crown-Breaker Artisan Ale


Dogfish Head teamed up with the brothers behind Beer Advocate to create Crown-Breaker Artisan Ale for the 10th Annual Extreme Beer Fest.

sam adams utopias

8 extreme beers you must try


Craft breweries constantly push the envelope with their beers, and often they end up tasting terrible.

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