Thanks To This Video Scholars Now Know Who The ‘Best Dog’ In The World Is


It's a question that's plagued humanity since the first dog was domesticated: who's the best dog.

9 11

Meet Bretagne, The Last Living Search Dog From 9/11 Who’s Wagging Her Tail Like The Goddamn Hero She Is


Warning: you're going to feel all the feels reading this story of the last living search dog from 9/11, a 15-year-old golden retriever named Bretagne.


Every bite you take, every crumb you bake, I’ll be watching you


Just about every pet owner is all to familiar with that feeling of making food, eating food, or holding food, when you just know that there's a set of eyes glued to you.

Yorkshire Terrier

Someone needs to tell this adorable dog that he’s not a human being


This adorable little Yorkshire Terrier is confused, he thinks he's people.

man's best friend

Dog proudly carries groceries for owner, is best dog ever


There are so many parallels between the dog in this video and my dog: both are named Millie, both are damn adorable.


We are all this dog chasing after shadows


This dog is us, we are all this dog, fruitlessly chasing shadows in the sun only to have them slip from our grasp.

old dog

Meet Lady the Lab–Her story is the saddest and happiest doggy story you may ever read


It feels wonderful when I can report on some news out of Florida that isn't embarrassingly outrageous, like today's story of love and perseverance from an 'ol doggy with a happy ending.

葳幼家 笑死我

Whoever thinks Punk Rock is dead hasn’t seen this chick wailing on her dog


Punk Rock is alive and well, it's just off in Hsinchuang, Taiwan being maintained by this chick wailing on her dog.


I need to punch something to feel manly again after watching this video


I truly think I need to bash something in order to feel manly again from the explosion of giggly-rainbow-butterflies in my stomach after watching this video.

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