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Unlucky Woman Snooping Through Boyfriend’s Phone Finds Video of Him Banging Her Dog

I have one iron-clad rule in life, and that is to never look at the phone of someone I am […]

Dog Playing In Leaves Is The Only Way To End Monday

It's been a long Monday. Of course, when is it not a long Monday? But we have the cure. The pure, unbridled joy of a

Tret Is a Dog That Does Parkour

I was barely able to train my dog to give me her paw and to not sh*t on the carpet, and this guy trained his

Barack Obama Ate a Dog

He did. He wrote about his stepfather teaching him how to do it Indonesia within the pages of his autobiography, Dreams From my Father: A

This Guitar-Loving Golden Retriever Might Be the Chillest Dog Ever

Sure, this is probably a Bud Light viral commercial. But so who cares? We love dogs, it's Festivus, and we've already aired our

Dog Attacks Shark

Title says it all. Worlds collide. #Mydogisabro? Dogs rule.