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This Dog Trying To Save A Dying Fish Is More Humane Than Most Humans


Nothing Will Ever Top This Slow-Motion Video of a Dog Jumping on to a Couch and Failing

I mean, not nothing. Something will top it. Probably something tomorrow. But it's still good.

Dog Playing In Leaves Is The Only Way To End Monday

It's been a long Monday. Of course, when is it not a long Monday? But we have the cure. The pure, unbridled joy of a

Amazing Dog Collar Commercial Features Raver Dogs That Are Business In the Front, Party In the Back

This commercial for the Dog-E-Glow collar made my day. I hate to ruin it for you, but there's a dog rave at the end that steals

Crazy Russian Teaches Dog to Fetch a Bottle of Vodka

Man's best friend indeed.

A Wonderful Video About a Jack Russell Terrier Named ‘Lily’ Chasing Her Owner On a Mountain Bike

The other day on an avenue in New York City, I saw some fool trying to walk a cat. It was a really