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Hanley Ramirez Bought An INSANE Lamborghini That Shoots FIRE Out Of The Exhaust


Hanley Ramirez isn't letting HIS Dodgers season end in disappointment as he recently spent around $550,000 for a white 2014 Lamborghini Aventador.


Very Large Man Just Chillin’ In the Stands Without a Shirt at Dodgers Stadium


Everything about this picture from the bleachers of Dodgers Stadium is perfect: The half-eaten hot dog in his hands.


Brian Wilson Loves America and is F*cking Excited to Play for the Dodgers


Dude is as weird as they come but anyone who loves America, rocks a mohawk, and drops casual "Bros" into everyday conversation is alright by us.


Just What You Were Hoping to See: A Girl Peeing In the Men’s Bathroom at a Dodger’s Game


I must have woke up and vowed to only post the classiest of sh*t today.


It’s Philly’s Aces vs. L.A.‘s Pen, But Let’s Not Forget the Manny X Factor


[inline:c2] [inline:manny] Editor's Note: The second round of the playoffs finally begins again tonight with the Philadelphia Phillies taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers (8:07 p.

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