allen iverson

SHOWTIME To Premiere An Allen Iverson Documentary, And The Trailer Looks Wonderful


"The Answer," number 3, Allen Iverson, is set to be the subject of an upcoming SHOWTIME documentary aptly titled IVERSON.

Phoenix Jones

‘Phoenix Jones: A Real Life Superhero’ is a Very Cool Look at America’s Favorite Crime Fighter


We've covered Phoenix Jones' superhero antics a few times on this site (also go to that link if you'd like to see him unmasked).


‘Craft Beer – A Hopumentary’ is exactly what you think it is


Craft Beer - A Hopumentary isn't just a documentary showing the history of craft beer.


People thought Animal Planet’s mermaid show was real


People are dumb, but that isn't particularly news at this point.

Video games

‘Video Games: The Movie’ Seems Promising


Even since getting an Xbox for Christmas, I've been on the nerdiest of nerdy video game binge.

talk show host

Check the trailer for ‘Evocateur,’ the Morton Downey Jr. movie


This guy basically invented trash TV, we should know more about him.

The Shining

‘Room 237′ trailer gets inside ‘The Shining’


All work and no play makes Jack a scary-ass boy.

women's MMA

George Lucas’s daughter is a female MMA fighter?


And they're making a documentary about her.

russian river

Best beer in the world, Pliny the Younger, gets a documentary


With 100 rating on both Beer Advocate and Rate Beer, Pliny the Younger is one of the best beers in the world.

re enactment

‘Act Of Killing’ might be the craziest documentary ever


Get a bunch of guys who were in Indonesian death squads and let them make movies about it.

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