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Watch a Documentary About How California Police Tricked an Autistic High School Kid Into Selling Them Marijuana

Bros: I know it's Sunday and you're all probably hungover from your weekend shenanigans. But this is important.

Ravers: Watch the Trailer for ‘Under the Electric Sky,’ an EDM Documentary About the EDC Experience

Insomnia teamed up with Focus Features to create Under the Electric Sky, a 3D documentary about the Electric Daisy Carnival experience during the 2013

The 25 Best Documentaries You Can Login To Netflix And Stream Right Now

Netflix! It's entertaining and educational (edutaining? entercational?)

6 Famous Documentaries That Are Shockingly Full of Crap

On some level, we all know that almost everything we see at the movies is bullshit, from the amount of bullets a person can take

Of Course Hipsters Are Making a Documentary About Sriracha; Here’s the Trailer

Do you love the Sriracha-style hot sauce produced by Huy Fung Foods? 

12 Music Documentaries Every Guy Should Watch

There are some truly amazing documentaries out there about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Here are the best of the best: 

The Trailer for ‘Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth,’ an Oral History of The Champ In His Own Words

A few weeks ago I lamented about how there's a generation of kids out there who only know Mike Tyson as a caricature of himself

Watch a Short Documentary About ‘The Willy Wonka of Weed’

World, meet Colorado-based pot entrepreneur, Tripp Keber. Since it's been legalized in the state, he's become known as "The Willy Wonka of Weed," creating marijuana-infused candy,

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield Talk, Laugh About That Time Tyson Bit Holyfield’s Ear Off

For anyone who remembers the infamous ear-biting match at Madison Square Garden in 1997, this video is amazing. Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson f*cking hated

6 Famous Documentaries That Were Shockingly Full of Crap

It turns out that some of the most acclaimed documentaries ever are about as real as Borat.

The ‘United States of Football’ Trailer Just Might Scare the Sh*t Out of You

Football is king and nothing comes even close to de-throning the game's status in the sports world. That said... What about the long term effects

Watch ‘The King of Cannabis,’ a Crazy Documentary About Marijuana Growing Operations in Colombia

Dutch businessman and noted Cannibis activist Arjan Roskam isn't a household name quite yet, but he might be soon. Roskam is the grower behind strains

Is Netflix the New HBO? Streaming Giant to Expand into Original Documentaries, Standup Specials

Back in summer 2011, Netflix was all like "look at this great deal that is more expensive than the one you have currently!" People were

Watch a Badass Documentary About an 80-Year-Old Dude Who Lives with Wild Wolves

Eighty-year-old German Bro Werner Freund has been living with wild wolves in Germany for the last 30 years. The Internet sherpas over at Vice made

Cool Documentary: ‘What Now? On the Road with America’s Young, Educated, and Unemployed’

Hit home much? 

7 Craziest Documentaries of the Last 20 Years

Truth is stranger than fiction and I’ll take raw struggle over shitty CGI any day. That’s why I love a good

Watch This Mega-Dope Documentary About EDM Young Stud, Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson had been slowly rising in the EDM ranks, but really caught spitfire after last year's single "Language" blew him up to that #elite

F*cking Love Good Beer? Watch an Awesome ‘Hopumentary’ About Craft Beer

There's a simple yet roaring Hunter S. Thompson quote on the label of every Flying Dog beer: "Good people drink good beer." Like many things

‘Video Games: The Movie’ Seems Promising

Even since getting an Xbox for Christmas, I've been on the nerdiest of nerdy video game binge. Since January, I've spent my precious, precious freetime

Watch Trailer for ‘This Is What Winning Looks Like,’ Vice’s Documentary About the War in Afghanistan

Today an extremely powerful documentary about the end of the war in Afghanistan hit the web. Working with journalist Ben Anderson, who's worked out of

A Cool Documentary About EDM History and the Hype for Daft Punk’s New Album ‘Random Access Memories’

After all this Avicii garbage the last few days, I'm so ready for someone with some gravitas to make an EDM comeback. That person would

Watch a Crazy New Vice Doc on 3D Printed Guns

I've become obsessed with these Vice documentaries lately. Putting aside their consistency in quality, what they do really well is highlight, in an entertaining way,

This Is a Very Solid Documentary on Patrice O’Neal, the Late, Great Comedic Legend

And the Christmas presents keep on coming. 

HBO and Martin Scorcese Are Teaming Up to Make a Documentary About Bro of the Century, Bill Clinton

It's almost as if that headline is some sort of algorithm for maximum dopeness. 

‘Dave Chappelle: In His Own Words’: A Moving Mini-Documentary About Chappelle’s Flight from Showbiz

It's one of the great mysteries of Tthe Aughts: Why, in 2004, did Dave Chapelle walk away from a successful show and a $50 million

Watch ‘Where I’m From,’ a 24-Minute Documentary About Jay-Z’s Barclays Center Concerts

Jay-Z turns 43 today. Happy Birthday, Hova! To celebrate, his website, Life+Times, dropped a 24-minute mini-documentary about his historic 8-night concert christening of Brooklyn's Barclay's

This Is a Pretty Cool Fifteen-Minute Documentary About Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Take a break from poppin' tags and learn a thing or two about this recent hip-hop success story. 

5 Things I Just Learned About ‘The Arnold Palmer,’ the Best Non-Alcoholic Drink Ever

Because every Bro in the world knows the Arnold Palmer is the best non-alcoholic drink of all time. 

HBO Is Making a Documentary About Beyonce, Which Is Apparently ‘Intimate’ and ‘Revealing’

Sounds like there are worse things to watch. 

Watch a 15-Minute Documentary About the Abandon Island Used as a Villian’s Lair in ‘Skyfall’

If you saw "Skyfall," you'll recall the abandon island used as a secret lair by Raoul Silva. Believe it or not, it's a real place, not

Billy Corben’s ‘Broke’ Kicks Off ESPN’s New ‘30 for 30’ Series Tonight. Watch This Preview.

ESPN's highly anticpated documentary series is back, as the new slate of films premieres tonight with what should be an incredible look into the lives

Here’s a Hour-Long Documentary About Avicii in the Studio

Let's get this out of the way first: The average Avicii fan will probably be bored silly by this hour-and-change documentary about Avicii in his Stockholm

Watch ESPN’s Beautiful and Haunting ‘Team Spirit’ Documentary, Direct by Errol Morris

This will leave you breathless.

Watch a Documentary About the Hennessey Venom GT, the World’s Fastest Street Car

If you're a car nut, this documentary is a must-watch. Move over Bugatti and Lotus. Packing 1200+ horsepower, Hennessey Venom GT is the fastest street

How to Be a Rapper: 15 Important Lessons for Young Rappers, via Ice-T’s Words of Wisdom

So you want to rap? Word! But before you start spitting and self-appoint yourself as an emcee, let's make sure you have the essentials: A

The Must-Watch Trailer for ESPN’s ‘30 for 30’ About Pete Rose Signing Baseballs in Vegas

On my first trip to Las Vegas back in 2006, I remember walking through the shops at Cesar's Palace past Pete Rose's autograph booth outside

The Trailer for ‘Don’t Do It In the Park’: A Documentary About Pick-Up Basketball In NYC

Summer in NYC = hoops galore. Thus, via High Definite comes this pretty awesome trailer for Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau’s upcoming documentary, "Doin’ It

‘The Number 73’ a Movie Trailer About a High School Football Player Who Died on the Field

"The Number 73" is a documentary made by a Marist College student that tells the story of Joey Larracey, #73, a high school

Watch the Trailer for ‘Mansome,’ A Documentary About Being a Dude by Morgan Spurlock

Sometime in the not-so-distant future, the world will be blessed with 10 new episodes of "Arrested Development" on NetFlix all at once. In

Watch a Preview for ‘Bob Marley: A Rastafarian’s Tale’

A while back we told you about Kevin MacDonald's Bob Marley documentary, which hits theaters today. Here's a little snippet from Nowness.com that shows some